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With a proud history spanning over a decade, Jain University School of Engineering & Technology (JU-SET) has emerged as one of the finest and highly renowned engineering colleges in Bengaluru. JU-SET is an integral part of Jain University's Faculty of Engineering & Technology and offers undergraduate (B.Tech), post graduate (M.Tech) and many specialized programs. JU-SET is intently focused on delivering the world-class educational experience to its students. The outstanding teaching and research facilities coupled with our practical and forward-thinking approach will provide a distinctive and high-quality academic experience focused on developing the skills and knowledge of the students, thereby allowing a smooth transition for them from the academic setup to the portals of the industry.

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Being one of the best engineering colleges in Bengaluru, JU-SET has recognized that education can even go beyond the boundaries. Remarkable facilities and diverse co-curricular activities serve these educational purposes. Our well-maintained campus provides a sense of persistent vision, stability, and management. Besides classroom training, JU-SET emphasizes on intensive interactions between students and mentors and provides excellent facilities such as technology enabled classrooms, seminar halls, auditorium, library, and much more. JU-SET also provides hi-tech specialized education that includes Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses and research programs that are indispensable in a rapidly evolving education system.

What We Offer

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Placement Opportunities

We assure 100% placements for all the eligible students along with any kind of assistance to help them crack the interviews and mock tests.

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Ragging Free Campus

JU-SET has a sprawling campus spread over 350 acres full of enthusiasm and creativity where ragging is strictly prohibited.

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Undergraduate & Post Graduate Degrees

JU-SET offers undergraduate, postgraduate degree courses in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Information Science to name a few.

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Research Programs

JU-SET has enriched the environment with its research-led learning and development programs to provide a suitable platform for the students to explore and experience new technology.

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Industry Oriented Training Programs

Career and industry oriented training programs along with 120 days of internship beginning in the fourth semester to groom the students as per the latest industry scenario.

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Incubation Facilities for Entrepreneurs

JU-SET has a specialized center (CRCE) for the progress and development of entrepreneurship. CRCE provides incubation opportunities for students with viable engineering ideas by supporting them in terms of planning, monitoring, and seed funding.