The Department of Information Science & Engineering participates in different Techno-Cultural Events, Fests and Technical Conferences organized by several colleges and won several accolades at various platforms. The Department has been taking various initiatives to take the department to the next level of success. Jain University School of Engineering & Technology as an engineering school, is focusing on education beyond its boundaries. We also provide encouragement to students to take part in co-curricular and social activities. Our students voluntarily participate in all the events and utilize these opportunities to know their own hidden talents and abilities.

information science information science

The Faculty and Students are encouraged to participate in different techno-cultural event, fests and technical conference organized by other university / colleges and won several awards on various platforms. Our students voluntarily participate in all the events and utilize their talents & abilities.


Co-Curricular Activities


INFOSPHERE club provides a platform for students of the department to organize and conduct technical and brain storming events. The events organized by the club is open to all students of the university. The club has been conducting workshops, seminars, creative & fun activities through hands-on approach. The senior students guide their juniors for undertaking projects or in gaining additional knowledge in the vistas of current trends in technology.

Activities of InfoSphere:

information science information science