Faculty Members for Best Metallurgy Engineering

  • Name :Dr. Kishore T Kashyap
  • Designation: Professor
  • Email: ktkashyap@yahoo.com

Dr. Kashyap is a Ph.D. from Drexel University Philadelphia, United States. Masters from the University of Wisconsin, Madison United states.

Kishore T Kashyap is-faculty-of-mechanical-engineering

  • Name : Adarsha. H
  • Designation: Assistant Professor
  • Email: h.adarsha@jainuniversity.ac.in

Dr. Adarsha H has obtained his doctorate degree from the Visvesaraya Technological University in 2015.

Adarsha is faculty of mechanical engineering

  • Name : Ranganatha Swamy M.K.
  • Designation: Assistant Professor
  • Email: mk.ranganatha@jainuniversity.ac.in

Ranganatha Swamy M.K. holds an M. Tech. in Energy Engineering from Jain University and is currently pursuing Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from VTU.

Ranganatha Swamy is top faculty for mechanical engineering

  • Name : Kaushik V Prasad
  • Designation: Assistant Professor
  • Email: vp.kaushik@jainuniversity.ac.in

Kaushik V Prasad holds M.Tech. in Computer Integrated Manufacturing from VTU.

sangmesh is top faculty for mechanical engineering