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Jain University School of Engineering & Technology - An educational hub with people from diverse domains. JU-SET is committed towards the sustainable educational growth that is an integral part of the way we teach and work. We forge on the scope of engineering and how we can transform our students into innovative explorers. The core strengths of JU-SET are quality education, our people, and campus with the best facilities. Our people are focused on providing fair opportunities with outstanding facilities to all the students. We compare, assess and transform our mentoring pattern with respect to the changing scenario of education to lead JU-SET as one of the top engineering colleges in India. We are standardizing learning methods & tools to modify the educational environment that enhances research, creativity, and ability to take challenges as a part of life. Our founder, management team, academic and supporting staff have unitedly worked to bring JU-SET on the top of the list of the best engineering schools.

chairman jain university

Dr. Chenraj Roychand


Best described as a man of vision and integrity, he has, for 25 eventful years, witnessed the laying of every brick, in the emergence of JGI. Dr. Chenraj Roychand exemplifies the principles of truth, peace, and love. His presence instills awe and admiration among his students. His versatile personality takes in the professionalism of his working life, the affection for his family and friends and the idealism of principle and intuition.

chacellor jain university

Dr. C G Krishnadas Nair


Former Chairman, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, and fellow, National Academy of Engineering is a Padma Shri Awardee for outstanding contributions in Engineering Science and Technology. He is a technologist and Industry leader of eminence. During his distinguished professional career spanning over 36 years, he has made significant lifetime contributions in Engineering Education, Research and Industry Management.

vice chancellor jain university

Dr. N. Sundararajan

Vice Chancellor

An eminent scholar and academician in Physics (Astro Physics and Electronics), is the Vice Chancellor. He brings to the University his 40 years of combined experience in progressive academic leadership and rich administrative experience. Dr. Sundararajan holds a Ph.D. in Management, M.Sc. and B.Sc. degrees in Physics from the University of Madras. An outstanding academic achiever himself, Dr. Sundararajan has been instrumental in steering Institutions and Colleges towards academic excellence, employing pedagogy of deep questioning and research into learning delivery and encouraging faculty and staff to undertake research.

Director, School of engineering Technology

Dr. Hariprasad S. A

Director, JU-SET

Dr. Hariprasad obtained B.E degree in the year 1991 and M.E in the year 2000. He completed a Ph.D. degree in the year 2011 and two additional highest degrees, Doctor of science degrees in the year 2013 and 2014 for the post-doctoral research work on communication and embedded systems. He has published 60 papers in International and National Journals/Conferences and a textbook on "Advanced microprocessors".

Director, School of engineering Technology

Dr. V. Muralidhara

Associate Director, JU-SET

Dr. Muralidhara has published papers in International and National Journals/conferences and 40 years of teaching experience in reputed institutions in various capacities. He obtained B.E degree in the year 1975 and M.E in the year 1978, completed a Ph.D. degree in the year 2012.

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