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Club Happenings - Civil Engineering Students beyond Classroom and Curricula

The Department has Civil Engineering Club named ATHARVA which facilitates students to participate in numerous co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Mutual interactions, unified activities and sorting out of differences are of great concern to the department and it is possible for the team under one umbrella of ATHARVA.

The club’s activities help the students to work as a team and how to achieve goals successfully with contrasting viewpoints. These attempts for excellence are also crucial at workplaces where team size is huge and diverse in the thought process. The club provides the freedom of thought and innovation. Thus, new ideas ignite their mind and give them a boost to perform the activities and events arranged by the Club “ATHARVA.” The Club gives them a platform to showcase their innovative & learning capabilities as each small effort brings a tremendous change in the learning process of the students.

Club Activities:

National symposium on river and river control

Launch of IGBC student chapter- 28 March 2015

Industrial Visits

Date Industry visited Type of Industry
10 October 2018 Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB), T.K Halli Water Treatment Plant
05/02/2017 to 13/02/2017 Melukote, Mandya District Extensive Survey Camp
May-2017 Idukki Hydro-Electric Power Plant, Kerala Hydro-Electric Power Plant
06/11/2017 Tungabhadra Dam, Hospet, Bellary Hydro-Electric Power Plant
BWSSB, SET Jain University in Bangalore

Tungabhadra Dam, Hospet, Bellary Industrial Visit

Tungabhadra Dam, Hospet, Bellary Industrial Visit

Idukki-Hydroelectric Power Plant - Industrial Visit