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Industrial Visit to KMF Bangalore

17 April 2017

Department of Food Technology, SET – JU organized an Industrial Visit to KMF (Karnataka Co-operative Milk Producers’ Federation Ltd), Dairy Bangalore Unit on, 18 March 2017.

The team visited the plant with an objective to assess the production procedures and to gain knowledge about various technical aspects of a dairy plant including, R&D activity.

Major Observations by the team are as follows:

1. Hygienic (GMP & GLP) in treatment plants and in cold storage unit.

2. Advanced automation ensures product quality and recent advance in technology was employed.

3. All by-products are utilized and treated with well-established waste treatments.

4. Quality and consistency were maintained.

5. 80% market share in Karnataka, remaining at Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

6. Customer satisfaction and quality are the industry mission.

7. The computerized chamber with major technical employees. It was visibly clear that the entire process in KMF plant is automated by machines, computers, and cleaning of pipelines, vessels, and filters by Clean in Process (CIP), which was also automated and frequency of every CIP to be initiated is 24 Hrs.

8. The huge heat exchangers and refrigeration units for various heating and cooling procedures were experienced to the team.

Major outcomes of the visit:

1. The team got an opportunity to study the industrial layout and appraise the production procedures of the milk.

2. Assessed the working models of various equipment and processes.

3. Documented various industrial contacts in production, QA QC and R&D.

The visit was very fruitful as 20 members including students and faculties visited the dairy plant. Students discovered many technical aspects of dairy production and expressed their gratitude towards HOD, Dr. Ragu A.V, Dr. Hariprasad, S.A. Director and Dr. V. Muralidhar, Associate Director of SET, Jain University for granting to conduct this industrial visit.