M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering Department offers Master’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering and has adequate computing lab facilities to train students at different levels towards excellence in the field of Computer Science and Engineering through quality academic inputs, innovation and effective team work. The Department has grown to promote and maintain research and professional excellence in technical education and services to meet the needs of industry, business, service sector and society at large. Among the best computer science colleges, JU-SET is one of them whose qualitative academic inputs and innovation give valuable results in academic life and professional career.

The M. Tech program follows the semester system right from first year and the curriculum is designed with a provision for elective courses. The department regularly conducts workshops, seminars, add-on courses and guest lectures for the benefit of the students. Students are motivated to participate in technical symposiums/conferences conducted by various organizations. Students are assigned a mentor to guide and counsel them in academic and career guidance.

The student performance evaluation is carried out as per the university rule which comprises two components, the internal and final end semester assessment. The student is also assessed based on her/his participation in assignment work, class tests, laboratory work and quizzes which contribute to the final grade awarded to the student in the subject. Students will be notified during the commencement of each course regarding the evaluation methods used and the weightage given to the different assignments.

The CSE Department offers Value Added Programs on Advanced C/C++, Advanced Java, and Real Time Application Development using Embedded Systems, Mobile Application Development and so on. JU-SET as one of the best computer science engineering colleges that work effectively to produce results same as per the expectations of the students. Our broad and well-balanced curriculum prepares students for any path so that their interests and careers should have the options to explore a range of subjects. Our approach is less repetitive, more informative and it trains our students to be well groomed graduates and problem solvers.



Career Opportunities

Our programs offer students the opportunity to strengthen employment prospects by putting computing skills into practice in the workplace. In addition, students also have the opportunity to work with a commercial partner as part of final year project, allowing to gain valuable experience for students.

After the completion of a degree in Computer Science & Engineering, students can work in the different field of embedded systems, IT, telecommunication, computer hardware & software implementation, database management, gaming, web designing, etc. The scope for aspirants after master’s degree is excellent and candidates have good job opportunities in the field of computer science. After completion of the Master’s Program, students have opportunities to pursue higher studies in computer science & engineering, government job opportunities and private sector jobs after M.Tech. in computer science.

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