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Activities : JU-SET-Engineering & Technology

Mechanical Engineering Students beyond Classroom and Curricula

JU-SET is one of the top private engineering colleges in India that completely focuses on innovative & visionary aspect of each student. We let our students to live in a world beyond the classroom to explore their inner skills. Beyond engineering course, there is much more to explore, learn and apply to sharpen their technical skills.

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Newsletter Inauguration

The department regularly publishes a newsletter by name ‘Jnana Vithaha’. Jnana Vithaha, a monthly periodical from the students of Mechanical Engineering is replete with practically oriented concepts and articles. Jnana Vithaha emanates from a sanskrit word meaning spreading knowledge. It brings an opportunity to expand the knowledge base from various disciplines and be up-to-date with the technological advancements. Generally, every issue of the periodical will have the following sections:-

  • Entree: Anything in general pertaining to Engineering, Science and Technology
  • Curriculum-scan: We scan all curious & engaging applications of concepts that can be covered by the curricula
  • Know-how: Working principle or mechanism of interesting concepts like turbochargers, digital compressors, DTSi, missiles, etc., which are beyond regular curricula
  • Technology update: News/updates on latest development in the field
  • Events: Report/announcement on seminars, industrial visits, or any techno/cultural events organized in the University / department
best mechanical engineering college

Clubs & Happenings

Our department of mechanical engineering has Aero, Auto and Yanthrik clubs that facilitate students to perform at national and international events. JU-SET is one of the top mechanical engineering colleges that not only runs engineering programs, but also unfolds the creative side of the students. These clubs help them to recognize their talents and use opportunities to maximize their output. Our students want to try out new things and make it a lesson for others to learn and develop for themselves. These activities give them more exposure to progress in the world of technological advancement.

best mechanical engineering college

Manufacture of Prototype Chassis of Formula Car at SAE International

We do not believe in getting a mechanical engineering degree, we transform students into innovative engineers. SAE Aero Design Series is an international worldwide known event that has participants from all around the world. It is under the aegis of industry giants like NASA, Boeing and Lockheed Martin, who are grooming aero design professionals. Team JATAYU comprises of our committed engineering students who participate in SAE competitions and bring accolades to the University and the Country.

best mechanical engineering college

Yaanthrik Club Inauguration

Yaanthrik Club was formed for the department in order to assemble mentors to guide the new stream of mechanical engineering. Our aim is to create a platform for the students to overcome the challenges of research and technological advancement.

best mechanical engineering college

Project Exhibition

The Department of Mechanical Engineering organizes project exhibitions so that students can transform their thoughts and vision into reality. Mentors’ feedback and recommendations give personal motivation to the students to think in new directions and try out all possibilities to resolve unexplored opportunities.

best mechanical engineering college

Quiz Competition

The Quiz Competitions help the students to test their knowledge and motivation. It includes general awareness towards subject knowledge and its scope. It personally motivates the students to take up the challenges and upgrade themselves.

best mechanical engineering college

Art Gallery

Besides the academic excellence, we emphasize on the inherited skills of the individuals to showcase their sparkling talents. Our students perform and get rewards and appreciations from the mentors that mold them to outreach the competitors.

Faculty members deputed/attended/ participated in National or International Conferences/workshops:

Name of the
faculty members attended
Department Institution where FDP was held and resource persons Programme Title Date of FDP
All Mechanical Teaching Staff Director’s office SET, Dr.Hariprasad S.A 4 Days workshop on outcome based education 13 to 16 July 2016
Mechanical  & Civil Dr.M.R Pranesh Mechanics of Materials 3 August 2016
Mechanical & Civil Dr. Y.R Nagaraja 3 August 2016
Mechanical & Civil Vijay Kumar 4 August 2016
Mechanical & Civil Dr. J Durga Prasad 4 August 2016

Faculty members deputed/attended/ participated in National or International Conferences/workshops:

Waghmare Aniket Prakash of VII semester student has participated in the following competition and secured first, first and third place respectively:

  • State level Shotokan Karate Championship (30th)-2016 held at R.N.Shetty Kalyan Mantap, Hubli on 20 & 21 August 2016
  • All India open Karate-Do Championship Haveri-2016 held at District stadium, Haveri on 27th & 28th August 2016.
  • Karnataka state level sports competition held at Mysore on 8 October 2016.