Civil Engineering Research Projects

The Department of Civil Engineering is involved in research, development, consultancy activities, funded projects, expert services, paper publications, visiting & organizing National and International seminars, meetings, workshops, etc. The CAD lab of the department has been sufficiently equipped with latest hardware/software and hones the skills in recent versions of CYPE, STAAD-PRO, AUTOCAD, MAP3D, CIVIL3D, RASTERDESIGN, PRIMAVERA, MS Project, RIVET, GIS (Open Source) and GPS Data Manager, offered as value added programs in pursuit of making industry ready budding civil engineers. The areas of research are:


Title of the Paper Name of Journal/Vol. No/Issue No/Page No Year
Parameter Optimization using GA in SVM to Predict Damage Level of Berm Breakwater International Journal of Ocean and Climate Systems, Vol. 5(2), 79-88 2014
Study on Berm Breakwater with Concrete Cubes as Armour Unit HYDRO 2014 International, MANIT, Bhopal, India 2014
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