Computer Science Engineering Research Projects

The department is actively involved in cutting edge research encompassing the areas of Cloud Computing, Data Mining, Image Processing, Network Security and Wireless Sensor Networks. The Department has also made significant contributions towards knowledge generation by presenting/publishing papers in National and International journals/Conferences through work of faculty members and UG/PG students.

Cloud Computing

Security in Cloud Computing

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Resource Allocation in Cloud

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Complexity of resource scheduling has increased as cloud computing is shifting from homogenous to heterogeneous nature, but still many aspects are unknown as it is in experimental stage.

The important aspects of Cloud Computing are:

Image Processing

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Background Subtraction

Moving target detection in video sequences: Artificial Neural Network (ANN) approach is used to model the background and detecting the moving objects in video sequence. Approach is adaptive to the dynamic background. Besides the usefulness of being able to segment moving and non moving objects in video sequence, detecting moving objects provides provision for recognition, classification and activity analysis. Each pixel is modelled using Local Binary Pattern (LBP) calculated along a ­circular region of r radius over a pixel. Then Background model is built using Self Organizing Map ANN and the next incoming frames are compared against the background model using Mahalanobis distance to decide whether it belongs to background or foreground.

Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless sensor network (WSN) consists of energy-constrained and storage-limited nodes equipped with sensor, processor, memory and wireless communication device able to communicate among them using wireless interfaces and collaborate to perform automated tasks requiring sensing capabilities. Routing protocols for wireless sensor networks are used to transmit messages from source to destination. They can be classified as unicast, broadcast and multicast. There have been a lot of multicast routing proposals for Ad-hoc networks, each of them based on different design constraints and decisions, application specific. Unfortunately, they cannot fulfil the unique requirements of WSNs effectively. best engineering college in india