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Electrical and Electronics Engineering Research Projects

Research is a systematic and comprehensive study of each factor associated with materials and sources to establish facts, thus deriving new conclusions. The EEE Department is intensely involved in leading edge research, including the thrust areas of Power System, Energy Management, High Voltage Engineering Renewable Energy System and Artificial Neural Network. The research focus is on:

Diagnosis of Various Heart Diseases Based on De-Noised Averaged ECG Signal Image Attributes:

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Artificial Neural Network Based Short-Term Load Forecasting for Solar Energy

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Short-Term Load Forecasting (STLF) is basically aimed at predicting system load with a leading time of one hour to a few days, which is necessary for adequate scheduling and operation of power systems. STLF traditionally has been an essential component of Energy Management Systems (EMS). System load forecasting is an essential operation in power system control centers. STLF is one of the most important procedures in the real-time control of power generation and efficient energy management systems. It is used for planning the installation, and the operation on a day to day basis



This work proposes to make significant improvements in the power system by predicting load behavior for short term in particular for solar energy, with the help of tools like ANN.

Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems

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The research work consists of modeling of photovoltaic array, wind energy system and power conditioning system. A set of power electronic converters and their control system schemes are presented to interface RES with the electrical grid. It utilizes PQ control scheme which shows the wide range of power control of the system. The power conditioning system performance is evaluated for different input power levels and load variation. All simulation models are developed using MATLAB/SIMULINK.

The study of the performance of the model system and to enhance the output of hybrid system has been attempted and the same study is continuing with different input and output parameters.

Energy Audit and Management at demand side – A new approach

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Completed Project

Development (Simulation and Experimental) Studies for Fast High Voltage Marx Generators

Energy Audit Management on Demand Side

Hybrid Energy Systems of Wind and Solar Power