Information Science focuses on the study of application and knowledge in an organization. It also includes study of communication between people, organizations and any other existing information systems. The department of Information Science & Engineering provides broad based foundation in information technology for those who seek careers in IT industry. The department is actively involved in research areas encompassing recent trends in computer science and technology, big data analytics, data mining, image processing and fuzzy logic. The research focus is on:

Data Mining and Big Data

Novel Approaches for Data Summarization of Large and Multidimensional Datasets :

Today in the data warehouse domain, the data mining and visualization techniques play a major role in almost all the core business processes of many organizations. Using data warehouse, various data analytical tools such as classifiers, clusters, association rule mining, and linear regression, etc., are applied to extract the hidden patterns in the voluminous data. Practically it is difficult to test datasets using existing techniques. Hence, the current study proposes to develop a new model which takes a user dataset as input and suggests the user to decide that which analysis tools will give the required result for their datasets.

Image Processing

Fuzzy Automata

Advances in Fuzzy Automata :

Fuzzy sets & systems theory is a relatively new area of research and many researchers from various disciplines, get captivated by it. Fuzzy logic is a precise logic of imprecision and approximate reasoning. Research gets instigated by formal languages and fuzzy automata provides a real formal base for it. The research aims to characterize the languages recognized by these automations and establishes the relationship between them. To demonstrate the usefulness of the results, it is planned to develop intelligent and adaptive fuzzy controller for learning analytics that will study the students’ learning of a chosen engineering subject and provides early warning about performance.