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Research Projects: Mechanical Engineering Colleges

The department is actively involved in cutting edge research encompassing the areas of Materials, Tribology, Thermal Engineering and Fluid Mechanics. The faculty is enhancing the activities in mechanical engineering by their involvement in multifaceted and combined research programs through academic-industry strategic partnerships. The fields of research are:

Top Mechanical Engineering Colleges: Design & Manufacturing



Sl. No. Name of the funding Agency Project Title Grants received Rs.
1 VTU Optimization of Machinability Parameters 2.75 Lakhs
2 Naval Research Board Development of a Robotic Fish for Naval Applications 46.3 Lakhs
3 KSCST Experimental Investigations on Multi Turn Oscillating Heat Pipe 7,000
4 KSCST Design and Fabrication of Automatic Banana Peeling and Slicing Machine 8,000
5 VGST Motor Operated Self-Rechargeable Electric Vehicle 40,000
6 Inter-Institutional Collaborative Projects Design and development of a Robotic Fish for Naval Application Faculty Name - Dr. K. Rama Narasimha 46.3 Lakhs(NRB–DRDO)

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PROJECTS:Mechanical Engineering Colleges

The faculty and students of the department have undertaken numerous projects facilitated by various governmental funding agencies such as VGST, DST, DRDO, DOS, IEI, etc., through the research centres. If the students have to go for a Ph.D. in engineering, JU-SET is one of the best engineering colleges in Bangalore where research programs are conducted through academic-industry partnerships. More information is available on the given website -