The department understands that for a research scholar, it is immensely necessary to keep on publishing the papers in order to learn and explore. The Department of Basic Sciences has undertaken numerous projects facilitated by various government funding agencies. Our faculty members and students undergo different projects and have published several papers in both International & National journals.

This will highlight the research expertise of faculty and students of the department of Basic Sciences and amplify the research scope for our students as the ultimate research focus generates a lot of possibilities for new explorations.

Title of the Paper Name of Journal/Vol.No/Issue No/Page No Year
Current Concepts of Feed Formulation for Livestock Using Mathematical Modeling Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology, Volume , Issue , page , ISSN : , Online ISSN :
Molecular Docking Studies of , Mercapto- Oxadiazole Thiones with Focal Adhesion Kinase International Journal of Analytical, Pharmaceutical and Biomedical sciences, Volume: Issue: ISSN: , Impact factor:
Synthesis, Characterization and Enhanced Dielectric Constant of Polyaniline-Exfoliated Graphite Flakes Composites International Journal of Latest Technology in Engineering Management and Applied Sciences, Vol-, Issue-, Impact Factor-
Magnificent Adsorption Capacity Of Hierarchical Mesoporous Copper Oxide Nanoflakes Towards Mercury And Cadmium Ions: Determination Of Analyte Concentration By DPASV Powder Technology , Impact Factor-
Heuristic Approach To Goal Programming Problem For Animal Ration Formulation International Journal of Engineering and Innovative Technology, IJEIT, ISSN: , Volume , Issue , Impact Factor:
Effects of Temperature on the Existence of Resource Based Predator-Prey System: Modelling and Stability Analysis International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology Ijesrt, Impact Factor:
Controlled Random Search Technique for Global Optimization” in Animal Diet Problem International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering, Volume , Issue , ISSN , Impact Factor:
Low Cost Synthesis Of Mesoporous Zn(II)−Sn(II) Mixed Oxide Nanoparticles for the Adsorption Of Dye and Heavy Metal Ion from Aqueous Solution Desalination and Water Treatment,
Biology of Aurora A Kinase: Implications in Cancer Manifestation and Therapy Medicinal Research Review, , Impact factor-
Synthesis of Novel 6-Fluoro-Piperidinyl)--Benzisoxazole Derivatives As Antiproliferative Agents: A Structure-Activity Relationship Study Investigational New Drugs, Impact Factor-


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