Research Publications in Mechanical Engineering

At JU-SET, the department of Mechanical Engineering keenly focuses on research involving the areas of Materials, Tribology, Thermal Engineering and Fluid Mechanics. The faculty and students of the department have undertaken numerous projects facilitated by various governmental funding agencies such as VGST, DST, DRDO, DOS, IEI, etc., through the research centres. Students who are interested in research programs, will have the options of research in Materials, Tribology, Thermal Engineering and Fluid Mechanics. Our faculty members get actively engaged in the research and development activities and have published several papers in both International & National journal.

Title of the Paper Name of Journal/Vol.No/Issue No/Page No Year
Influence of Heat Input, Working Fluid and Evacuation Level on the Performance of Pulsating Heat Pipe Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics, Volume , No. , Issue , pp
Heat Transfer Analysis of a 7.5 W LED Load with Passive and Active Cooling
for Constant Luminance Applications
Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics, Volume , No. , Issue , pp
Influence of Heat Treatment on Tribological, Young’s Modulus and Shear Properties of Spheroidal Graphite Iron IJERT, Volume - Issue , ISSN:
Experimental Investigation and Performance Evaluation of a Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics, Vol. , No.
Effect of Temperature Variations on Dimensional Stability of Bench Mark Structure Fabricated by Scan Based Microstereolithograhy Process IJAIST, Volume , page , ISSN:
Tribological Studies on Effect of Mixture of Fillers in Polystyrene Matrix Composites Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials,
Influence of Heat Treatment on Microstructural and Mechanical Properties of Nodular Cast Iron Journal of the Institution of Engineers (India): Series D, Volume , Issue , pp
Applying Altman’s Business Failure Prediction Model to Indian NSE Small Cap and Mid Cap Auto and Auto Ancillary Companies International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology (ISSN 2321 9653), Vol. 3, Issue XI, 394 - 406
Assessing Business Performance of NSE’s CNX Small and Mid Cap Auto and Auto Ancillary Companies”, Journal of Basic and Applied Research International (ISSN 2395 3438 Print, ISSN 2395 3446 Online), August 2015, Vol. 11, Issue 1, 10 - 21
Failure of SMEs in India: Potential Reasons and Possible Cures”, International Journal of Marketing, Financial Services and Management Research (ISSN 2277 3622), Vol. 4 (5), 187 - 199
Parametric Characterization on Thermal performance of a closed loop pulsating heat pipe Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics, Vol.No.9, Page:615-624
Effect of Rotation on Natural Convection in Differentially Heated Rotating Enclosure by Numerical solution Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics,Vol.9, No.3, pp.1265-1272
Steady Mixed Convection MHD boundary layer flow and heat transfer of Casson fluid in presence of suction and blowing International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology (IJMET) Volume 7, Issue 5, pp.18–30, Article ID: IJMET_07_05_003
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Papers Submitted in Conferences

Name of the faculty member Title of the Conference Title of the paper Dates of the Conference Held At National/
Pradeep Emerging Trends in Mechanical Engineering" Experimental investigations on the thermal performance of a single loop pulsating heat pipe using Nanofluids 29 to 30 April 2016 Adichunchanagiri Institute of technology(AIT), Chikkamagaluru, National
Ranganatha Swamy M.K Advanced materials, Manufacturing, Management & Thermal science Shape Memory Polymers Synthesised For Controllable Switching Temperatures 23 September 2016 Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur. International
Dr.Harishanand Recent Advances in Materials Science & its Applications Evaluation of Mech. props. of Glass Fibre reinforced Laminated & Carbon fiber reinforced Laminated composites 24.9.2016 School of Engg. & Technology National
S.Ramesh S, Adarsh H, Kaushik V.Prasad Study of ZrAIN and ncAlTiN/Si3N4 thin films deposited by Lateral Rotating Cathodes School of Engg. & Technology
Nikitha D.S Analysis of composite ribs with flanged cutouts School of Engg. & Technology
Nagaraj Patil Performance evaluation of cryogenically treated cutting tool review School of Engg. & Technology
Arun Kumar, P.SRaghavendra Rao, Kaushik V.Prasad Tensile & Impact props. Of Jute/glass & jute/carbon fiber reinforced polypropylene School of Engg. & Technology