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The SET (Engineering College) Edge

The Jain University School of Engineering & Technology (JU-SET) is committed to creating a benchmark in terms of education and research. As one of the top engineering colleges in Bangalore, JU-SET is intended to lay roadmaps for the upcoming generations. Our core essence includes technologically sound teaching, upgraded research facilities, a broad range of engineering programs, unmatchable placement records and exceptional entrepreneurial programs.

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JU-SET - Engineer’s Hub for Education, Innovation and Learning

We offer innovative education, enterprise and research based programs that help in the development of leading technologists, professionals and future thinkers. Engineers are groomed with technical knowledge and practical work so that they can be prepared for industry verticals.

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Our Broad and Flexible Range of Engineering Programs (B.Tech, M.Tech & Research)

JU-SET engineering programs are broad and flexible at the undergraduate, postgraduate as well as research levels. Our focus is on a wide range of engineering courses that include computer technology, application of information technology and computer-based designing in engineering. The current running programs include various courses such as Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and so on.

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Accreditation by Governing Bodies and Collaboration for Technical Training

Degrees offered to the students by JU-SET are accredited by the appropriate governing bodies. Our vocational training programs provide immense job opportunities to our graduates and post graduates. We also provide entrepreneurship development programs for our technical entrepreneurs.

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Technologically Sound Teaching Standards

We provide hi-tech specialized education as our classrooms are technology enabled. We maintain the highest parameters of teaching standards. JU-SET is a host of highly qualified faculty drawn from various domains, encompassing doctorates from basic concepts to specialized engineering domains. We receive a lot of progressive feedback regarding support, education, and guidance offered to the students.

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Unmatchable Placement Record for All Streams

Our placement records for all the streams are exceptionally good and are at par with other engineering colleges. With a blend of our educational strategy and unique placement records, we have become one of the best engineering colleges in Bengaluru. Our approach is to nurture leadership and prepare students for the professional roles in the global world. We are known for our excellent industrial placements. We provide a communication channel to the recruiters to contact us directly for work placements or internships.

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Exceptional Entrepreneurial Programs for Technical Students

We, not only educate but also provide immense career opportunities as a technology entrepreneur. At JU-SET, we contribute to innovation in the field of science and engineering, and technology along with business values to make them self-dependent. With an excellent record in various entrepreneurial initiatives, we actively encourage the entrepreneurial development of our students.