Workshops & Seminars

The department of Basic Sciences encourages the inquisitiveness in a student to understand the fundamentals of science and technology through classroom teaching, industrial visits, outbound learning programs and value added programs in Physics, French, Professional English & Soft Skills. The Department of Basic Sciences has executed orientation program in Advance Mathematics for HAL’s officers for last 3 consecutive years.

Data Science Workshop - 11th & 12th April’ 2016

Workshop organized on, as the name suggests, Data Science. the programming language taught and worked on was "R" language. The workshop was conducted by 1st year students under Basic Sciences Department, where 50 students from different semesters participated.

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Solar Panel Workshop - 8th & 9th March’ 2016

"Solar Panel" workshop organised by Wing fotech Excellence in association with Chemclave'16 IIT Madras, where 135 students participated. Vehicle powered by Solar Panel was taught to build.

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Make it Fly Workshop – 27th & 28th February’ 2015

Workshop organized on assembling and modeling of Unmanned Air Vehicle for 1st year B.Tech Students where 30 students were participated. The workshop was specially meant for 1st year aerospace engineering students conducted by the 2nd year students of same branch. In this workshop they learnt the modeling and assembling of an unmanned air vehicle which can glide successfully.

Scala Workshop – 13th March’ 2015

Workshop organized one language called scala for 1st year BTech Students where 30 students were participated. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Chidananda Murthy and Mr. Madhu B.R.

Atom Expo 2k15 - 27th April’ 2015

Annual technical fest exclusively for 1st year BTech Students conducted for two days. 6 major technical competitions were conducted. All the 540 students were participated enthusiastically in all the techno cultural events. It is a platform to all the budding engineers to showcase their talents.

Robokriti - 26th - 27th February’ 2014

'Robokriti' workshop organised by spark lab in association with IIT Kanpur, where 172 students participated.

Autospark - 26th - 27th February’ 2014

Autospark dept of basic sciences organised the workshop in association with mechanical department and autospark ltd where 74 students participated.

Ethical Hacking Workshop- 26th - 27th February’ 2014

'Ethical hacking' dept of basic sciences organised the workshop in association with mechanical department and autospark ltd where 38 students participated.

Out bound Learning – 21st to 24th November’ 2014

Out bound Learning Program was organized by HNA, Ramanagar for 1st year BTech. students.

IYCMAT - 14th May 2011

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The workshop on Materials for Advanced Technology was organized by the Department of Chemistry, SET on 14th May 2011 in association with LSIKC as a part of the International Year of Chemistry 2011. The workshop was inaugurated by Prof K. J. Rao, Emeritus Professor, Raja Ramanna Fellow (Senior), Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Dr.Sandeep Shastri, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research), Jain University, and Dr. Y. Vijayakumar, Principal, SBMJCE and Prof. B.M Nagabhushana, Vice President of LSIKC were also present in the function.

PHOENIX-26th and 27th of April, 2011

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PHOENIX – Rise from the Ashes, a techno-cultural fest exclusively for first year students took off with great zeal and zest. The fest was organized on 26th and 27th of April, 2012 by the ATOM club and the Department of Basic Sciences. Mr. Preetam Daniel, Director of the IMAX group, south-east Asia, presided over the inauguration ceremony. Dr. Vijay Kumar, Director, SET and Dr. Radha Gupta, head of department of Basic Sciences also graced the occasion. Eighteen events sports and technology covering all disciplines of engineering like quiz, programming, debate, gaming, dance, street play, treasure hunt, photography, football, basketball etc. were organized, with attractive cash prizes.

NCRACES - 28th and 29th December 2011

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Two day National Level conference on “Recent Advances in Chemical and Environmental Sciences (NCRACES - 2011)” was organized by Dept of Basic sciences, School of Engineering and Technology, Jain University, jointly by Prof. C.N.R.Rao center for Advanced Materials Research, Tumkur University on 28th and 29th December 2011.

The Pinkerton lecture - October, 2011

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In the month of October, the students of JU–SET attended The Pinkerton Lecture held in the Infosys campus-Bangalore. The basic motive of the lecture was “INTERNET FOR ALL-is the real barrier to reaching this vision; demand, awareness, usability or access technology” and to educate the students about the Information and Communication Technology. The Pinkerton lecture series is in commemoration and honor of John Pinkerton, the pivotal engineer who was involved with designing the world’s first business computer in 1951.In 1949 the catering firm J. Lyons approached John Pinkerton with a vision to radically improve business operations through the implementation of computers, and from there the LEO project began with Pinkerton as chief engineer. In the 2011, Pinkerton lecture Dr. Mike Short discussed sources of innovation and future growth within the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector.

Quizzles: Orientation Program for 2013 Batch, Aug’ 2013

The main objective of this activity is to realize the importance of Basic Science i.e. Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in the engineering field. There were many activities conducted on these three pillars of engineering. Around 120 students actively participated where they were divided into four groups and two batches. The batches were directed by the whole department of Basic Sciences.

Students enjoyed solving Questionnaire, Funny Facts, Guess Who, Jumble Words and Puzzles and Practical Activity for the students where their innovative imagination came into reality. As a part and parcel of the curriculum we have included activities where each and every student of the school of engineering and technology should succeed in not only in engineering but also as a fraternity.

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MATLAB® Workshop- Applications of MATLAB® in Engineering Sciences, Aug’ 2011

MATLAB® stands for Matrix-Laboratory and is one of the most used tools in the field of engineering today. The workshop aimed to mold and prepare equipped individuals with a very strong principles and logical tools of MATLAB to face the challenges of the dynamic environment.

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Robo Tryst Workshop, Organized in Feb’ 2014

Robosapien technologies Pvt. Ltd. has organized workshops for our students where around 250 students have participated. The workshop gave the practical knowledge on assembling and working of Robots.

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Workshop on Recent Developments in Applied Mathematics in Oct’ 2014, Sponsored By KSTA

The workshop aims to facilitate an informal yet vibrant atmosphere, in which a core of eminent resource persons interact with promising junior mathematicians and expose them to different areas of applied mathematics. The program will be light, with a blend of both pedagogy and research talks.

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Student’s Workshop "AUTOSPARK" – Feb’ 2012

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Srininvasa Ramanujan Lecture Series, Oct’ 2012

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LATEX Work Shop, Dec’ 2013

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Industrial Visits

Visit to HAL – Nov' 2011

Students visited country’s first aerospace museum, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) on Nov 25, 2011, as a part of the industrial visit program organized by the department. As they entered the HAL heritage center and aerospace museum at around 11 AM. First, a brief video footage showing HAL’s history from Marut to supersonic Tejas and invention of LCAs, its colossal laboratories and production units with cutting-edge technology, its aircrafts in action, along with the working of ATC (Air Traffic Control) was screened. Next, they walked through galleries of photos and miniature models depicting the company’s 7 decade journey. The museum houses dummy and original aircrafts and engines indigenously built by the company. Some of the original aircrafts displayed are Marut, Lakshya, Chetak, Jaguar, Ajeet, Sea Bird, IJT, ATC Radar, etc. What caught every one’s attention was the upper part of a huge PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle), with its interiors also visible.

Industrial Visit to GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF INDIA on 21st Mar' 2014

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The visit to GSI was very helpful for the students irrespective of their branches. The students got to know the tedious efforts involved in mining and also where the different types of rocks are available in Karnataka when we were taken to the mapping section. They were shown different types of rocks and ores in the museum. The most interesting one was a million years old petrified dinosaur egg. With every ore attracting our attention, every moment was an enthralling experience for this inquisitive section. From the orientation session held by the GSI Director Mr. Prakash, boosted by audio-visual aids, till the last ounce of probing questions asked by the students, it was an enlightening learning adventure.

Industrial Visit to ISRO SATELLITE CENTER on 4th November 2011 & 8th April' 2014

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JU-SET’s students have visited to the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) as it has become one of the six largest space agencies in the world. The various observations & communication satellites launched by ISRO are the INSAT series, the IRS series, radar imaging satellites, etc. The basic objective of ISRO is to advance space technology and use its applications for national benefit. A team of staunch and zealous students from JU-SET went on an industrial visit to the ISRO satellite centre to cater practical knowledge regarding disparate technologies involved in making a satellite.

Industrial Visit to L&T and Biocon Limited

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