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Hostel 2K18 Utsav

20 Dec 2018

Jain (Deemed-to-be University)’s School of Engineering and Technology organized Hostel 2K18 Utsav, annual hostel fest from 17 to 21 November 2018.

The Hostel 2K18 Utsav had 3 events:

Hostel Sports 2018
On 17 November 2018 the inauguration of not only Hostel 2K18 Utsav but also the Hostel Sports was marked. It was inaugurated by the Chief Warden Mr. Premanand along with the P.E coordinator Mr. Divyakantha M R and the girl’s warden Mrs. Rajini. The entire Hostel strength was divided into 4 teams, Parotha panthers, Dosa dashers, Vada warriors and Samosa Swaggers. It was surprising to see many people flaunt off their extracurricular skills at this fest not only by participating but also by giving in for a good team spirit. There were many games, like the Badminton, Cricket (long and short), Volleyball, Hockey, etc. As the finals for all games completed, it was clear that Parotha Panthers had the lead. The teams were awarded the same evening during the prize distribution for teams.

Kannada Rajyotsava Celebrations
The pride of Kannadigas and the state festival celebrated to mark the development and existence of Kannada language was celebrated on 21 November 2018. This is celebrated as grand as a fest in the hostel. The students of the college take great pride in calling this fest as a stand of unity, where everyone regardless a Kannadiga or not performs and promotes Kannada. This event marked great performances. To name there were singing performances from Nepali students in Kannada. There were Kannadigas performing on stage to show all gathered the richness in their language and culture. There were performances from the students of other regions of India, all of which were show stoppers. The events and the entire fest ended on a tiring note with everyone grooving to the songs played for the open floor.