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Industrial Visit to HAL Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum

29 May 2019

School of Engineering and Technology’s conducted industrial visit to HAL Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum on 10 May 2019 for first-year Aerospace Engineering students.

The students were taken to Hall 1 where scale models of iconic aircraft such as PSLV, GSLV, Marut, various types of trainers, fighter jets, reconnaissance aircraft and much more. The students got an opportunity to see the aircrafts such as the Marut, MIG-21, Canberra, Hansa, Basalt, Koran, etc. The Hall 2 consisted of cross sections of various turboprops and turbofans which are used to power the behemoths that used fly back then. There was also an information board about the various insignias of different air forces around the world and the call signs for many airlines.