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Industrial Visit to "Solar Power Plant"

22 oct 2019

Jain (Deemed-to-be University), School of Engineering and Technology organized industrial visit to "Solar Power Plant" in Doddalahalli on 17 October 2019. A batch of 47 students accompanied by 4 faculty members started their journey to explore the core of electrical sciences. This power plant is a private based plant. It consists of thousands of solar panels distributed over a vast area of land (75 hectare). The total power generated by this power plant is 20MW. The solar energy here is converted into electrical energy with the help of solar panels each separated from one another with a certain tolerance and fixed at a maximum productive angle. There were two different control rooms that monitored the working of the entire power plant. One control room monitored the power output (DC to AC conversion) of 4MW * 5units and the other control room monitored a power output of 66 kV (11kV to 66 kV Conversion). Continuous monitoring of the output is taken care of by the personnel operating in the control room. The maximum output from this plant is achieved from 7am to 5pm after which this plant comes to a standstill. Any problem occurring with the panel is easily detected at the control room and is immediately changed.


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