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Infinity 2019

31 May 2019

Infinity is an exceptional junction where beautiful cultures are presented with technological innovations booming all the way. The atmosphere of the festival is filled with all energy, excitement and elation. It is not just a festival, it is a celebration which consists of cultural and technical events.

School of Engineering and Technology organized Infinity 2019, inter-colligate techno-cultural fest on 21 and 22 May 2019 to sync into this euphoria carnival to celebrate the glory of the millennia’s era. Some of the most special events that were organized this year were: Literary Hybrid, Poetry Slam, The Greatest Showman, Hogathon, Treasure Hunt, Music (Singing and Instrumental), Dance, Beat Boxing, Fashion Show, Battle of Bands, Face Painting, etc. The fest focused on bringing out the hidden talents within the students of various organizations and nurturing them. This year, we had participants from various colleges from all around Bengaluru with an approximate count of 3000-4000 students. Some of the creative events with regards to technology were CryptX, Blind Coding, Robo Wars, Electrathon, Nirmaan and Reverse Engineering. The chief guest for the Inaugural Ceremony was Ananya Bhat, Singer and Actress who has worked in Kannada movie industry.  She has worked in popular movies like Bhootha Kaala and KGF.

Major Highlights of Infinity - 2019

External Judges for Various Events: