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National Conference on "Advances in Materials and Manufacturing Technology (NCAMMT-18)" - JNANA CHILUME - 2018

5 Feb 2018

School of Mechanical Engineering, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) organized one day National Conference on Advances in Materials and Manufacturing Technology (NCAMMT 2018) which was held on 3 February 2018.

Based on the brochure sent to various institutions across the country, a total of 25 papers were received originating from Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. The papers covered different areas including Materials (Composite materials, Insulation materials, Manufacturing (3D printing, Robotic systems, Grey Analysis), Design (Finite Element Analysis, CFD) and Thermal (Solar energy, solar collector design, Thermal management). The papers were subjected to a two stage review process and finally 18 papers were selected for presentation. The initial review was based on extended abstract followed by review of full paper submitted. Originality of work, innovation, novelty and plagiarism check were few criteria considered for review. The review committee consisted of Prof. Kaushik V Prasad, Prof. Ranganatha Swamy M.K as internal experts. Dr. B M Satish, Professor and Principal APS College of Engineering, Bangalore and Dr. G. Selvakumar, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, SSN College of Engineering, Chennai, were invited as external delegates to chair the presentations. A common inaugural session was held at the seminar hall. Dr. Ranjith Pai, Scientist D, DST, New Delhi, was the chief guest. In his address he cited the various advances in the materials fields and applications of new materials and also was listing the various upcoming research funding opportunities provided by DST.

The chief guest gave a plenary talk on “Advanced Materials”, in which he gave a detailed description about different types and application of materials viz., composite materials, smart materials, biomaterials and also various characterization techniques used in the field. He highlighted the research prospect areas in the field of new materials. At the end of the lecture, the delegates interacted well to gain further insight and clarifications.

After the Plenary talk, the delegates presented the papers and Dr. B.M Satish himself, acted as the session chair. The session covered papers related to topics like Aluminium alloy composites, Laser beam machining, and Review of finite element analyses. The delegates and faculty members of the Mechanical department at the session had good time gaining insights to novel fields by listening as well as interacting.

Dr. K. Venkadeshwaran, welcomed the gathering and also introduced the session chair Dr. Selavakumar, Associate Professor, SSN College of Engineering, Chennai. The session covered papers related to topics like Thermal Management, grapheme reinforced Nano composites,Clean energy and efficiency improvement in solar air heater.