Paduvanagere School gets a facelift from the NSS volunteers of JAIN (Deemed-to-be University)

The NSS volunteers of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) gave the facelift to the walls of a school under the initiative of “School Cleaning and Painting Programme”, held between September 28th 2022 and September 30th 2022 at the Paduvanagere Government High School, Paduvanagere, Kanakapura.

Under the initiative, the NSS volunteers cleaned all the walls of the classrooms and the main building of the school and painted them with artistic illustrations. The volunteers showcased their hidden talents by painting the walls throughout the school with attractive pictures under the theme of “education”.

The inside walls of the classrooms were also decorated vibrantly with numerous colourful paintings related to education aids and other stuff. While. the main walls were painted with numerous shiny and colourful illustrations of famous sayings, cartoon characters, social awareness messages, paintings related to environment conservation and many more.

The event was a fun-filled ride and gave an excellent platform for all the students to showcase their artistic talents and their passion for painting and drawing. Further, the volunteers had an excellent opportunity to understand better about the novel things that are followed by the government school. The children and authorities of the school actively participated in the event and made the project a grand success

The event was conducted by the Faculty of Engineering and Technology JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) in association with Mr. Raju, Head Master, Government High School, Paduvanagere, Kanakapura.