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One week Faculty Development Program on "Internet of Things (IOT)"

3 Feb 2018

School of Computer Science and Engineering, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) organized one week Faculty Development Program on “Internet of Things (IOT)” from 24 to 30 January 2018.
Guest of Honor for the event was Dr. Manoj Manuja, iNurture. FDP program forms a bridge between the industry and academic institutions to update their knowledge. To impart the basic concepts and techniques to the budding technical teachers of all the engineering colleges in India. It is useful to enhance their skills for academic growth and to make them conducive for research activity in the field of internet of things. The program provides expert facilities on the topics mentioned below which will impart a good understanding of latest issues related to internet of things.

Day 1: IOT basics- knowledge of various IOT kits and launch pads, IOT eco-system, application areas of IOT such as agriculture, weather forecasting, smart homes and smart cities. Basics of networking such as Subnet mask, IP addressing and different network protocols: HTTP, TCP/IP.

Day 2: Data exchange over network- brief introduction about socket programming with knowledge of sockets and ports, client-server communication using TCP/IP protocol’s blinking of LED’s using smart phones.

Day 3: Embedded web server- Introduction to HTTP protocols, elements of http messages, getting started with HTML, serving web pages that response to the user input and how to access this web pages using kits, blink application for temperature serving through cloud.

Day 4: Application Implementation-I: MQTT protocol, Overview of MQTT Protocol and its use in IOT, publish and subscribe the data over cloud using MQTT protocol, knowledge of code composer studio.
Application Implementation-II: use of MQTT, Energia IDE, code composer for designing Rash Driving Alert System.

Day 5: Three mini projects have been completed: (a) Sensor web server (b) LM-35 and accelerometer read using blink app. and (c) Water level Alert System.
Finally, test was conducted on all the topics covered in the entire IOT program for 20 marks.