Student Career Advisory & Placement Support

Jain University has been consistently setting a record of campus placements amongst the top private universities in India and is proud that its students are highly rated by top employers across different sectors and industries. Besides being a catalyst in driving change in the education sector, the Student Career Advisory and Placement Support Team guides students in choosing suitable career options by facilitating to work for top companies in their respective sectors.

Over 300 prospective recruiters have hired more than 4,500 students from our campuses across university over the last few years. This has been an outcome of a very precise placement process adopted by Team SCAPS. Dedicated placement team has always kept itself ahead of the peers by constantly innovating the hiring process thereby creating a niche for itself.

Apart from onboarding companies for Campus Placements, Team SCAPS also strives in narrowing the gap between institute and industry through various initiatives. A series of Guest Lectures are arranged regularly to keep students abreast of latest happenings in the industry. Workshops and Conferences are organized for all branches of students to have hands-on experience and also a platform to showcase their latest research work. Industrial visits are arranged especially for Non-IT branch students to have the first-hand experience of industry environment and to understand the working environment. As students connect well with their seniors, Alumni are roped in to give pep talks. This will help students understand the preparations required by them during the college days to become successful in their career.

All the measures taken by Team SCAPS has been helping students to make an informed choice both for a career as well as higher studies. As students are more informed about various aspects of engineering they are finding it easy while choosing a right specialization in case they are planning for higher education. Our students have guided through team SCAPS in choosing courses for higher education either in India or abroad based on their interest and availability of right course. We counsel students and in some instances provide necessary training for competitive exams like GRE, GMAT, GATE, etc., in campus or in identifying best coaching centers.

Initiatives from SCAPS to shape careers of students

CEO of the Month

We cater and support students to venture into the business world as business leaders, intrapreneur, and entrepreneurs. We understand that students need to be equipped with essential life skills, to take on the practical challenges of increased personal responsibility. In addition to growing values like wisdom and character, they will need to learn to exercise self-discipline, patience, and self-motivation. They also have to develop skills ranging from time management, assertiveness, stress management to a host of other skills, so that they can dig deeper into their potential and grow to meet new business challenges.

Words of Wisdom

We educate and train our students to venture into the business world as business leaders, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs. We are aware that there is a need to balance between the learned theories and well-established practices. The objectives of this program are to communicate the relevance of important concepts in the functional areas. This will educate students regarding the ongoing practices in the functional areas and the trends of the industry in near future. Students will get to know as to how they can apply the learned theories and inter-relate the theories learned and practices followed in the industry with specific relevance to the job market.

Inspiring Alumni

Noted alumni across branches are roped in to have sessions with pre-final and final year students to share their experience. Students through this initiative are highly benefitted as they will get an opportunity to meet their seniors and learn the good practices which helped them to excel in their career. Alumni are able to help and guide students to make a right choice of institution and course in case they are planning for higher studies.

Share Your Knowledge

"Share Your Knowledge" (SYK) Sessions across streams in the university are conducted with a fundamental objective of 'You learn by listening to our talk' and 'We learn by talking to you'

We, at Jain University, encourage ICE-Innovative, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship based learning amongst our students. Hence, SYK sessions are the next higher steps to take forward the concept of ICE.

The main objectives of SYK sessions are:

  • To cultivate the habit of learning while sharing
  • To encourage students of one course to prepare on a topic of their choice and share their learnings with the students pursuing another course. Example - Team of B. Com students sharing their thoughts on the topic BREXIT- Impact on India to the class of students pursuing BCA course
  • To inculcate the practice of researching on topics relevant to the development of the society, state, and country in whole
  • To imbibe the practice of the best presentation skills by the students sharing the knowledge and in turn, reinforce the importance of putting into practice the learned theories
  • To induce the prominence of networking amongst the students from different courses as it will lead to synergy and forming of cross-functional teams
  • Experiential Learning