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A Workshop on Image Classification using MATLAB

26 May 2020

School of Engineering and Technology organized workshop on Image Classification using MATLAB on 24 May 2020 in online Zoom mode. The resource person for this workshop was Prof. Deepa.T.P., Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE.

The free one-day workshop on “Image classification using MATLAB” was intended for faculty members, researchers, students with/without programming background. The main objective of this workshop was to create a spark of research perspective in the field of image processing. The participants learnt the basics of and image processing system to understand the properties of image. The speaker explained to analyze and design algorithm for preprocessing, segmentation, feature extraction and classification.

The workshop included four sessions. The details of session as given below -

Session Details Time Session Topics Hands-on Topics
9:00am – 11:00 am Image Basics and Preprocessing Image types – color, black and white, grayscale, image formats, Pixel neighborhood, regions, Basic image properties, Histogram equalization
Preprocessing- Filters- Spatial Filters (correlation & Convolution), Frequency domain filtering, Fourier transform, inverse FT, basic steps
How to read, store, display an image, obtaining image in RGB planes, finding neighborhood of pixel, connected components
Histogram processing,
Smoothening and sharpening spatial and frequency domain (one filter for each type)
11:00am – 11:10am : Short Break
11:10am – 1:00pm Image Segmentation What is segmentation?
Types of segmentation
Feature extraction and labelling connected components
Thresholding, Bit-plane slicing, regionprops function
1:00pm – 1:30pm : Lunch Break
1:30pm to 3:15pm Image Classification Classification basics, Basic steps, Naïve Bayes classification Basic classification, Naïve Bayes Classifier
3:30pm – 4:30 pm : Evaluation and Valedictory

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