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Student Development Program

Placement success is always a remarkable moment for all the stakeholders. The effectiveness of these 4 years of student grooming is vital for a student’s success in both career and life. A balance of technical and life skills can play a vital role in the success of students.

Introduction to Skill Development – Importance of skills is widely known, but not a deeply understood amongst the youth. Demystify a role of skills at present and future

Study Skills – Good study habits can ease a lot of pressure which exams bring on a regular basis and help everyone academically

Listening and Speaking - Communication is a two-way process. Learn how to influence and convince others by understanding the essence of communication. Also understand the power of listening and its impact on communication

Body Language - Learn to effectively communicate using our right expressions. Sometimes actions speak louder than words

English Fluency - Even though we all come from different geographic locations, with different mother tongues, English is the one language that unifies us all in our future endeavors

Power of Motivation - Understand the importance of one of the pillars that drive our lives

Public Speaking – Getting rid of stage fear is a beautiful journey of transition from introvert to extrovert, making enablers of influence and persuasion of masses

Interpersonal Skills – We have people all around us, any work or business the human capital cannot be forgotten and this makes it extremely important to establish a connection with others by understanding different communication styles

Understanding Self and Others - We seek to be understood than to understand others. Learn how the opposite of this equation works better

Self-Leadership - Leaders of tomorrow are only successful in leading other if they learn to lead themselves

Image in Business - Your personal image in business is extremely important in setting the right impression. The perception people have about you affects your success in every aspect of life. Learn the importance of a professional outlook in work

Manners Matter - Manners are nothing but proper and respectful behavior towards all with whom we come in contact. Learn these rules of good life

Power of Motivation – Understand the importance of one of the pillars that drive our lives

Happiness Advantage (Positive outlook) – The world is divided into two kinds of people, Positive thinkers and Negative thinkers. Understand how a positive outlook is essential for your future and present life

Managing Stress and Anger– Stress comes in different forms and has its own effects on us. Learn to harness it positively and also different techniques to manage it

Discover Self - Finding yourself is a starting place for your personal development plan. We will go into a journey inwards to discovery the real you

Strengths Finder - We spend far more time focusing on our weakness instead of finding and empowering our strengths. Discover your USP’s and learn to live by your strengths

Branding Self – Just finding our true self is not enough, we also need to know how to market ourselves to the outer world. This is how we position ourselves in other minds

Organizing Skills – Managing time is managing life, after all time is what makes our lives. Organizing ourselves enables us to make the best use of the most essential commodity called time

Goal Setting – Setting goal is an integral part of career planning and life advancement. Learn the importance of goal setting and different tools of goal setting. Increase a sense of accomplishments

Habits for Success - From Steven Covey’s book we learn to use the proven 7 habits of achieving superior results for your team and effectively become a better leader and individual

Creativity and Problem Solving - Any business thrives on these two elements. Individuals are required to come with new ideas that work and solve problems in the most efficient manner

Emotional Intelligence - Competitive environment has stress levels souring, hence it’s extremely important to be able to control your emotions. Learn to be more in control with change and stress

Team work – Working in teams is a necessity today. We cannot afford to function as one man armies in this competitive world

Battling Poverty in India – Despite great GDP growth, the effects of poverty in India remains extreme. How social entrepreneurs can make a different to the future of this country

Quantitative Aptitude - Focusing on the fundamentals of mathematics and gauging the comfort levels of the students

Logical Aptitude - Focusing on the fundamentals of logical and verbal reasoning and gauging the comfort levels of the students

Verbal Aptitude - Verbal aptitude is an important part of the aptitude test commonly conducted for engineering students

Academics to Corporate - There is a vast difference between the corporate world and the academic world. Learn to bridge this gap and eliminate this disconnect

Employer or Employee - One of the biggest confusion student go through is, if they should seek employment or start their own ventures

Live your Passion - Passions fuel our success and boost our happiness, if we can learn to convert our passion to our occupation

Preparing Effective Resumes - It's your resume that gets you the interviews. Get tips of making an effective resume

Group Discussion - Companies use Group Discussions as a very common qualifier or disqualifier, based on how you perform. Get tips on all the do’s and don’ts of Group Discussions

Excel in Interviews - Personal Interviews are often most feared by many, this final stage gets you the job you desire. Get tips on how to face interviews at ease and sail through

Business Networking - To accomplish short or long term goals we need to connect with the right kind of people. Whether it’s finding a job or building our career we need a strong business network. Get tips to master your business networking

Business Etiquettes - As much as we feel comfortable with our environment, it’s also necessary to make others feel comfortable as well. Learn the art of making others feel comfortable around you; make yourself aware of social and business norms

Additional Technical training will also be provided to students by the departments in collaboration with Industry in the form of Integrated, Add-on and Skill Development Programs

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