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An integral part of JU-SET, the Department of Basic Sciences was established in the year 2005. The foundation for applied engineering hinges on a basic understanding of the fundamental principles of the sciences. The Department of Basic Sciences is at the forefront in laying this strong foundation and focuses on delivering quality education for meeting the global challenges of science and technology. Since its inception, the Basic Sciences Department has been engaged in imparting quality academic education and has focused on research to address key scientific problems. The objective of the Department is to generate human resource of exceptional quality and to be a phenomenal Department, having a leading edge in science and technology that produces classic research, knowledge base and academic leadership among students and benefits society at large.

The Department of Basic Sciences has a spectrum of bachelor’s and master’s programs with the aim of producing marvelous engineers and scientists with high professional competence who can undertake research. The Basic Sciences Department encompasses faculty from Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English and is well staffed with qualified and dedicated faculty members. The members have contributed to numerous research articles resulting in significant publications (more than 70) in peer reviewed national and international journals and also presented their work in various conferences, workshops, and seminars.

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The faculty members have expertise in the vistas of Operations Research, Magneto Hydrodynamics, Condensed Matter Physics, Bio-organic, Mathematical Ecology and Epidemics, X-ray Crystallography, Medicinal Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Fluid Mechanics, Statistical Analysis and Analytical Chemistry. The Department of Basic Sciences acts as a catalyst to support all the engineering courses at the under graduate and postgraduate levels in various domains of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English. In the first year of bachelor’s degree, the department feeds the budding engineer with the finer aspects of science that makes them to explore, innovate and contribute to the technological advancement of tomorrow.

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