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Extracurricular Activities in JU-FET

The students of JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) Faculty of Engineering & Technology (JU-FET) come from all around the world and thus, bring a wide range of viewpoints and experiences. The students perform various Extracurricular and Co-curricular activities within and outside the campus, creating a multifaceted learning experience among the students with rich, energetic and engaging environment.

The students get involved in different activities to develop and demonstrate various skills and interests, and this helps them to groom themselves on various parameters and explore their interest and potential. In JU-FET, students evolve with new groomed personalities through these activities.

Support, Explore and Celebrate
Infinity 2k24

Infinity 2k24 — two days of techno-cultural brilliance! From captivating project showcases to intellectual competitions and enchanting cultural spectacles, Infinity 2024 ignited the diverse talents of our community.

Live Line Maintenance of Transmission and Switchyards

On March 5th, 2024, students in the 4th and 6th semesters of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering department went to the National Power Training Institute (NPTI) - Hot Line Training Centre for a visit. Er.S Prakash, Assistant Director of NPTI, provided the students with valuable information on electrical tower line diagrams, hotline maintenance methods, and insulation testing that is relevant to their Transmission & Distribution courses, enlightening them on these topics. Mr. S. Prakash, the Assistant Director of the Hot Line Training Centre, showcased live line maintenance and emphasised the associated risks. The training highlighted two primary techniques: Using a hot stick and bare hand. The hot stick method uses insulated tools to work from a distance, while the bare-hand method involves making direct contact with energised lines. Emphasis was placed on safety precautions, including the impact of environmental factors on the lifespan of insulators. These observations help with the adoption of conservation methods that are both economically and technically feasible, while also ensuring efficient use of resources.

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Shuba Parva 2023

JAIN (Deemed-to-be University), School of Engineering and Technology organized Shuba Parva 2023, the official inauguration of the 2023 B.Tech and M.Tech programmes.

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INFINITY - "The endless"

Infinity is an exceptional junction where beautiful cultures are presented with technological innovations booming all the way. The atmosphere of the festival is filled with all energy, excitement and emotions.It's not just a festival, it's a celebration.

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Deeksharambh: Student Induction Program

Embarking on an Exciting Trek to SRS Hills for First Semester Students

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AMHITHI - "The gift of life"

The JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) Faculty of Engineering & Technology (JU-FET) organizes voluntary annual blood donation camp where the beneficiaries are Nimhans and Kidwai Institute of Oncology. Considering the shortage of blood at times, JU-FET is trying to support the needs of the society. The students show enthusiastic participation to create awareness about such thought provoking for such a noble cause.

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Abhyudaya - Fresher's Day

JAIN (Deemed-to-be-University) Faculty of Engineering and Technology organizes Abhyudaya - Fresher's Day every year to welcome the students of first year B.Tech and M.Tech programs.

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Upasthapana – Graduation Day

JAIN (Deemed-to-be-University)’s Faculty of Engineering and Technology organizes Upasthapana 2018 – Graduation Day every year.

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Hostel Utsav – An Annual Hostel Fest

JAIN (Deemed-to-be University)’s Faculty of Engineering and Technology organized Hostel Utsav – An Annual Hostel Fest.

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Learning Beyond the Classrooms
Field visit to Air India Mumbai for students of Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering.

JAIN University organised a field trip to Air India Mumbai for second year students of Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering. The motive of the visit was to give students the opportunity to gain first- hand knowledge about the aviation industry.The field trip allowed the students to gain insight into the functioning of one of India’s premier airlines.

The students took a tour of the Air India hangar where they got the chance to see an aircraft up close. The size of the aircraft took them by surprise and they were keen on learning about the engineering and construction of the aircraft. Students were enthralled to see the maintenance area where aircrafts are repaired and serviced in between flights.

The highlight of the field trip was a tour of the cockpit. Students were able to see the controls of the aircraft and learn about the various instruments and systems that pilots use to navigate. The tour guide took the time to explain to the students the importance of team work and communication between the pilot and co-pilot, as well as with the air traffic control tower.

The visit was a great learning experience for the students who learned about the aviation industry from a practical stand point. Students were able to understand the various aspects of the functioning of an aircraft which made it a memorable experience for them.

FET Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering Students Visit Goa Shipyard Limited Facility for Hands-On Learning Experience

On a recent excursion, students from the 2nd-year Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering program at FET had the opportunity to visit the Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL) facility. During their visit, students were given an exclusive look into the intricate processes and advanced technologies used in the design, fabrication, and assembly of ships of various types.

Throughout the visit, the students were led on a tour of the different departments involved in the shipbuilding process, including the design centre, fabrication shop, and assembly line. They were also able to witness completed ships being prepared for launch or delivery to clients. Furthermore, the visit provided the students with the opportunity to engage with the GSL team and learn from their experiences, challenges, and accomplishments. Students had the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussions to gain deeper insights into the shipbuilding industry and the role of GSL in it.

Overall, the visit was an enriching experience for the students, as it gave them valuable exposure to the practical aspects of shipbuilding, as well as the opportunity to interact with industry experts. The students gained a deeper understanding of the shipbuilding industry, which will undoubtedly be useful in their future academic and professional pursuits.

Flight Laboratory course at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Recently, the 6th-semester students of both aerospace and aeronautical programmes from the Department of Aerospace Engineering at JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) had the opportunity to attend a Flight Laboratory course at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. The Flight Laboratory at IIT Kanpur is an exceptional national facility, which houses three single-engine aeroplanes - Piper's Super Cub, Cessna Skylane, and Piper Saratoga.

During the course, the students were provided with hands-on flying experience along with the opportunity to observe and learn the routines involved in various phases of flight, such as take-off, climbing, landing, turning, and more. The primary objective of this course was to enable students to collect, analyse, and evaluate the performance and handling qualities of aeroplanes.

Apart from the three single-engine aeroplanes, the Flight Laboratory at IIT Kanpur also has several gliders and an active gliding centre where anyone from the IIT community can become a member and aspire to reach the stage of getting a gliding license. With this opportunity, the students of JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) had an exceptional chance to experience flight testing with the state-of-the-art facilities and equipment at the IIT Kanpur Flight Laboratory.


JU-FET organizes regular visits to industries for different departments as per their specializations and arranges workshops, seminars & guest lecturers that prepare the students for placements. Thus, it creates a wholesome environment where the students get ready for work placements.

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Sports, a Passion to Follow and Live on

The University houses one of the best sports infrastructure and at JU-FET, sports is a routine exercise along with efficient sports training. As a part of INFINITY, a weeklong Sports Fest provides a relieving break to the students and staff.

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Write to Excel New World of Thoughts

A visionary zeal with hundreds of perspectives and innovations leads us to work together. SYNCYTIUM, the annual college magazine rolls out at the end of every academic year. This gives a brief summary that how the institution functions on various parameters and provides a platform for young writers to exhibit their writing skills and emerge out as a champion in the future.

Exotic Flavors for the Foodiess

Food Fest is celebrated for a week, at JAIN Global Campus that becomes a place where the students and faculties interact and share their thoughts and ideas. This is a week of full entertainment when all get the opportunity to taste the latest cuisines.

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Student Clubs & Events
Student Clubs

AERO, AUTO, YAANTHRIK, EVLANCHE, INFOSPHERE, SPARK, ATHARVA, ATOM & IGNAN clubs in different departments of JU-FET are focused to provide a platform for the students to organize and conduct technical and brainstorming events. The events organized by the clubs are open to all students of the University. These clubs conduct workshops, seminars, creative & fun activities through hands on approach. The senior students guide their juniors for undertaking projects or in gaining additional knowledge about current trends in technology.