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Ragging is prohibited in JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) FET Campus

Any disorderly conduct in any manner, whether it is by verbal/written communication or by any act which has the effect of teasing, handling with rudeness to any student, falls under ragging. This kind of interaction can be brutal, barbaric and anti-social which has to be treated strictly under the law. Students indulging in undisciplined activities which causes or likely to cause annoyance, hardships or psychological or physical harm or to raise fear thereof in a junior or fresher student will not be tolerated. Compelling the students to perform any action that causes a sense of shame or embarrassment is strictly prohibited.

Zero Tolerance to Ragging
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited within the JAIN (Deemed-to-be University’s) Campus that includes its Institutions/Departments and Hostels.
  • Ragging in any form is banned in private hostel/buildings where the students are staying
  • Not a single person, including students/staff/faculty shall participate or propagate ragging in any form

JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) shall take any kind of strict punishment against those who found guilty of ragging. Under such circumstances, punishments as per the decision of the University shall be irrevocable. It may include:

  • Expulsion from the Institution
  • Cancellation of Admission
  • Suspension or Rustication
  • Expulsion from the University / Hostel
  • Consequent Debarring the Students from Admission to Any Other Educational Institution for a Definite Period