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13 April 2023

Career Opportunities after Mechanical Engineering

Have you always been interested in building machines or understanding how they work? If you are someone who is passionate about designing and developing machines that are of industrial grade, mechanical engineering can be the captain of your ship!

Yes, a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, also known as a B.Tech. in Engineering, can help you get a step closer to your affinity for machines. Mechanical engineers are responsible for making cost-effective designs, followed by testing and implementing them for construction. Their technical expertise allows them to plan, design, build, and implement innovative technologies with the help of technical reasoning.

They are also known as technical doctors, who can solve any problem related to machines and are credited with making human life more simple and efficient with their innovations. Therefore, because of the diverse range of skills and expertise they have, they can enjoy lucrative career options after mechanical engineering.

Although challenging and demanding, a degree in mechanical engineering can open bright paths for your future. If you are considering getting a degree or have recently graduated, this article will help you understand what the best career opportunities are out there waiting for you once you are done with your graduation in mechanical engineering!

Mechanical Engineer

How often have we heard this term in our day-to-day lives? As common and generic as it may soundou mechanical engineers shoulder immense responsibilities for designing, developing, operating, and maintaining machinery across different industries. Mechanical engineers are generally hired to test or install new machinery or can work as technical consultants to guide on structural engineering or machine maintenance questions.

Automotive Engineers

Automotive engineers are responsible for researching, designing, and developing the mechanical components and machines related to trains, cars, and other automated vehicles. India’s automotive industry is one of the largest in the world, so one can understand the diverse scope of career opportunities that are available for pursuers of mechanical engineering. 

Maintenance Engineers

Maintenance engineering applies engineering concepts to optimise the existing equipment, procedures, and departmental budgets to achieve better sustainability, maintenance, reliability, and availability of the equipment.

 Aerospace Engineer

Mechanical engineers are often hired to implement their domain knowledge and expertise to design aircraft and allied machinery that are compatible with airports and other production needs. They can work along with aerospace engineers in this field and can also assist in national defence projects like working with spacecraft, satellites, or missiles. 

Control and Instrumentation Engineer

Control and instrumentation engineers, or C&I engineers, apply the concepts of mechanical engineering to design, develop, install, maintain, and manage the equipment responsible for monitoring and controlling other machines and systems. C&I engineers are tasked with measuring and controlling process variables like pressure, pH levels, speed, force, etc. to ensure that all the other machines and processes are running safely and efficiently.

Research and Development Supervisors

A B.Tech. in Engineering allows you to become research and development supervisors, where you oversee processes related to designing new systems, improving existing technology, analysing customer reactions to prototypes, and researching new advances in the field.

Construction Engineer

Construction engineers supervise big construction projects where they are responsible for servicing and maintaining the machines. They also advise on the installation of heavy equipment, suggest device optimisation, and perform cost calculations. Mechanical engineers are often hired by construction companies as consultants to advise on commercial building layout and design.

Nuclear Engineer

Mechanical engineers assist the nuclear engineers for technical support at nuclear power stations. They are responsible for designing, creating, maintaining, and disassembling different parts of machines related to operating a nuclear power station. You can take on the roles of process engineers, quality engineers, reactor operators, C&I engineers, and other managerial roles.

Manufacturing engineer

Manufacturing engineers apply the technical aspects of mechanical engineering to design and develop integrated systems used in the manufacturing industry. They help produce high-quality products that are in high demand in the marketplace.

Gearing up for Future!

Looking at how the world is moving at a fast pace, we can realise that humans will bring more innovations and inventions to the table to make their lives hassle-free and less complicated. To do that, they would require skilled professionals who know how efficient machines can be designed, upgraded, operated, and maintained. Therefore, it is safe to say that mechanical engineers will have ample opportunities and a futuristic career waiting for them.

If you are someone who loves machines and is keen to develop them, a B.Tech. in Engineering is the ideal path for a promising future ahead. So, grab the opportunity and get enrolled now!