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12 December 2020

Rethink the Aerospace Industry – Post COVID

The Covid-19 pandemic triggered the entire globe into an economic crisis affecting all industries into loss and stagnant growth, however, one of the sectors worst affected in the crisis of the coronavirus storm is aerospace & manufacturing.

Aerospace & Aviation sectors during the pandemic have seen a serious impact on their sustainability as global air traffic has been brought to a complete standstill from the inception of the Covid-19 outbreak. Meanwhile, the debate is wide open on how the traffic will recover following the current crisis and what this will mean for the civil aircraft manufacturing industry, the supply chain, and the aftermarket support businesses.

Post-Covid, Maintenance repair overhaul, or the MROs have observed serious demand from the airlines especially for the maintenance and the recovery time of the flights will be needed as they were grounded for a period beyond its operational time. Repair and overhauling is a mandate post lockdown to re-energize the use of flights.

With cancellations and depleting older aircraft, demand for new fleet orders incorporated with technology can boost the aerospace & aviation sectors. OEMs of a wider fleet range from smaller sized aircraft to larger carriers can revisit the possible minor design changes in technology, especially in navigation, communication, and control. New orders, can enrich the manufacturing sector with a fresh requirement of components and spare parts. The possible way of recovery would be recycling, rejuvenate as per new fleet requirements. Since aviation has already shown recovery, operating flights based on demand can ensure a steep recovery from the economic crisis. Predicting the second wave of Coronavirus, airlines & allied sectors must be prepared for all possible consequences, and ensure that flight restrictions might not be extended to larger periods.

Vamsi Krishna Chowduru, Asst. Prof. IIAEM – JAIN (Deemed to be University)