27 June 2020

A Webinar on Solar Energy Opportunities & Management

School of Engineering and Technology hosted a Webinar on Solar Energy Opportunities and Management on 28 May 2020. The event was split into 3 sessions.

Session 1
Topic: Solar Energy Applications for Customized Engineering Projects
Speaker: Mr. Saswat Saurav Panda, Consultant- Rise Energy Solutions, Pune

The speaker Mr. Saswat Saurav Panda, gave a brief presentation on various aspects of solar energy and the projects that are been carried out in the present technology. He has also motivated the research scholars and the students to carry out real-time projects in solar energy.

Session 2 
Topic: Ways to Enhance Solar Still
Speaker: Dr. Velmurugan, Principal, Francis Xavier Engineering College, Tamilnadu

The speaker Dr. Velmurugan explained the process of solar still and the factors affecting the process and how to enhance the improvement. The brief introduction was given on Salinity Gradient, mixing of nanoparticles in still water and its effects.

Session 3
Topic: Energy Management an Overview
Speaker: Dr. A Ramprasad, Principal, JVIT, Bangalore

The speaker Dr. A Ramprasad explained the various process of energy audit and clauses of ISO 50001. He shed a light on how to become an energy auditor as a mechanical engineer. He explained the difference between Energy Auditor and Energy Manager and different stages of Energy Audit.