29 November 2019

Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC-2)

Jain (Deemed-to-be University), School of Engineering and Technology organized 3-days “Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp” from 12 to 14 November 2019 sponsored by National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB) Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, New Delhi. Total 150 students have successfully participated in the camp and each participant is awarded a certificate.

The main objective of this Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC) is to create awareness among students of Engineering and Science courses about various facets of entrepreneurship as an alternative career option. The idea of organizing this workshop is to inculcate the fundamentals, key concepts of Entrepreneurship in the Science and Technology among students.

Session -1
The speaker was Dr. S. Gokula Krishnan, Associate Professor, Acharya Institute of Technology, Bangalore. He spoke on How to convert an Idea into an Enterprise. Using simple household materials as an example, He encouraged the students to brain storm in groups to discuss innovative uses of the products. He taught them how a simple idea could convert into potentially bigger business.

The speaker, Prof. Sridhar T, Professor, Alliance College Of Engineering and Design, who spoke on the Charm of Becoming an Entrepreneur, Creativity and Problem Solving. He showed them practical real world businesses like Amazon, Redbus, Flipkart that started small by identifying problems in society but grew into giant businesses.

It was discussed by Prof. Chandrasekar Shastry, Director, Center for Distance Education, Jain (Deemed-to-be University) explained the government schemes available for startups and small businesses. He explained the Chief Minister Rojgar Yojana and the Prime Minister Revenue Generation Scheme. He spoke from his experience of starting several businesses and he explained different ways of generating funds like angel funding, bootstrapping, etc.

Dr. Rajasimha Makaram, Associate Director, SET practically helped the students fill the business model canvas for the ideas they had. He explained the current scenarios in industry and the marketing strategies required for setting up start up as a career option. He talked about various career options and motivated the students to take maximum benefit of the growing nation by venturing in to entrepreneurship.

The speaker was Ms. Monica Annand, Assistant Professor, School of Engineering and Technology. She urged the participants to make use of the workshop to the maximum extent possible in order to enhance their communication skills – both oral and written. The participants were given some useful information on telephone etiquettes. Then they were given some exercises and role play sessions where they were asked to use appropriate language – both formal and informal – while making communication. She also discussed about Interpersonal communication skills, how to start a random conversation with someone. And also she expressed how our posture, gesture and facial expression reflect our interest in a particular subject. The most interesting part was the Self listening test and the tips to improve our listening. This session was very interactive and fun.

This session was taken by Dr. Komarasamy, Associate Professor where he discussed about “Lectures by practicing entrepreneur's success stories- common problems faced by entrepreneurs”. The participants were asked to work in groups and making use of the tips and following the guide lines given. After the group discussion, some of them were asked to give feedback and suggestions. The Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp saw active participation from more than 150 students who were also made aware of the various rules, regulations, documentation required to start their own business. The students had a good learning experience and were motivated to take the first step towards being their own bushed.