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23 March 2023

IN-SPACe CANSAT India 2022-23 Competition - Team ARDRA Progresses to the Next Stage

The Astronautical Society of India is organising the IN-SPACe CANSAT India 2022-23 competition, which challenges students to design, develop, and launch a satellite weighing under 0.7 kg to an altitude of 900 meters above the launch site.

Team ARDRA, consisting of B.Tech Aerospace and Robotics students, has made significant progress in the competition. They have successfully completed the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) and are now preparing to qualify for the Comprehensive Design Review (CDR), followed by Mission/Flight Readiness Review.

If they succeed in these stages, their CANSAT will be launched in July 2023, marking a significant achievement in the competition. We look forward to seeing the innovative ideas and technical expertise that Team ARDRA will bring to the table ahead in the competition.