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04 November 2019

Industrial visit to Armatic Engineering Pvt. Ltd. | SET-JU

Jain (Deemed-to-be University), School of Engineering and Technology organized industrial visit to Armatic Engineering Pvt. Ltd on 27 October 2019. Armatic Engineering was established in 1968. They are an ISO Certified one of the Leading designers of custombuilt material handling equipment in India having expertise in designing and of new products. They mainly cater to Steel Industry. The company's major focus has been custom engineering products to meet the specific and unique requirements of the customers. They manufacture custom designed, heavy duty material handling equipment including Coil Handling Equipments, Transfer Cars, Up-down enders (tilters),rotators, Electrohydraulic Cactus and rope grabs, Sheet pack & plate lifters, Spreader Beams, Truck mounted hydraulic cranes etc. They have exports to Italy, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Australia, Dubai, Turkey, Nepal, Germany, Ethopia, Pakistan etc.

The technical head showcased their brand new product “DIGMANN 3” which is a micro excavator for agricultural applications. Also he explained the attachments like load hook, trench profile bucket, digging bucket, clamshell grab, multiline grab, pit bucket which makes the machine useful for multi-purpose.  They we walked into the fabrication unit were many heavy material handling equipments were cut and joint using welding and other processes.

The students witnessed the electro-mechanical upender and the electro-hydraulic upender with the transfer trolley and questioned about the working principle, its practical application and various process involved in manufacturing it. They then looked over to the machine shop division where many lathe machines and its other variants were used for small equipment processing. The students also witnessed the various equipment’s that were used for coil handling, transfer cars, slab, plate and sheet tongs, miscellaneous lifting , grabs, tundish beam, launder lifting device, ladles and carging buckets, upenders, tilters, stack turnover devices.