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03 November 2022

JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) Signs MoU with Tata Technologies

JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) and Tata Technologies came together to sign an MoU for “Product Development” through quality training for all the engineering students. The MoU equips the young engineers with workable skills and to increase the industry awareness and connections.

The MoU facilitates high-quality training sessions for the students in the field of “Product Development. The collaboration further supports the students in an array of areas such as training and development, and regular guest lectures from industry experts. The MoU enables Tata Technology to continuously assess the students for offering internships and the students will get a chance to work on live projects from Tata Technologies for better practical knowledge.

Tata Technologies has created e-learning courses hosted on I GET IT ( which will be available to engineering students through the flagship program - EngAge.

The portal consists of vast learning resources that are essential to develop the skilled engineers for the current industry requirements. Under this MoU, the engineering students are given unlimited access to this E-Learning portal.

About Tata Technologies
Tata Technologies is a purpose-led transformation partner that has partnered with many large businesses across the globe to build a collective knowledge through innovation for a better future. Tata Technologies is a global strategic engineering partner that brings together the best of modern engineering and digital transformation focused on fulfilling its mission of helping the world with better products and experiences.

Tata Technologies work with global OEMs and their partners across the sectors of automotive, industrial machinery, aerospace, and adjacent verticals to innovate, manufacture, and produce better products and help them drive efficiencies in their businesses.