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08 February 2023

JAIN University hosted day 1 of HOLOWORLD’s RoboYatra in Bengaluru

HOLOWORLD is the Skill MetaVerse Augmenting Humans and Robots founded in 2018. They started an interactive campaign, RoboYatra to give students the exposure to cutting-edge technology in Robotics, and AR/VR. The RoboYatra was organized at JAIN University on January 31st under the patronage of The Turing Club (TTC). The one day seminar included a demo of HOLOWORLD’s flagship product, “HoloSuit” which is a motion capture wearable that enables people to experience virtual and augmented experiences in a natural way.

Sanjana, the student coordinator of the TTC initiated the workshop by providing a brief overview of what the event holds, followed by the felicitation of the team members of the HOLOWORLD by the Dean, Dr. Geetha Ganesan, the Program Head of CSE-AIML, Dr. Merin Thomas and Mr. Srinidhi and Ms. Anamika from Miles Education.

The participants got a chance to learn about the fundamentals of ROBOTICS with a live demonstration of a humanoid robot. Dr. Kasar, the Chief Research Officer conducted an interactive session with the students and explained to them metaverse is. He then went on to give a live demonstration of HOLOWORLD’s Robot and its abilities as well as its components.

The students learned that HOLOWORLD uses a combination of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and 5G for their robot. The hands-on learning experience of the workshop attracted students from all semesters and IT branches who got the opportunity to interact with the team of HOLOWORLD. It was true learning experience for the students as well as the faculty of the School of Computer Science and Engineering.