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13 February 2023

JAIN University launches ICode to strengthen its IT department

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology inaugurated ICode, the Center of Excellence in Coding and Computational Thinking, on 10 February 2023. The idea of ICode was conceptualised with the objective of shaping the careers of IT students through technical education, research and services that align with the evolving societal needs. The goal is to create a learning environment for the students that promotes research activities and leads to quality placements and personality development.

The ICode initiative was especially launched keeping in mind the needs of the second and third year IT students. The purpose of the centre is to impart quality technical education to learners with competence, knowledge, ethics and social responsibility. ICode was made possible by the tireless efforts and constant encouragement of Dean CSE Dr. Geetha G, Deputy Director Dr. Sengottaiyan N and Director Dr. Hariprasad S A.

After the successful launch of ICode, Prof. Sowmya M S ICode In-charge, addressed the students and made them aware about its activities, initiatives, and upcoming boot camps. Taking the lead on the usage of coding platforms, Prof. Narasimhayya Ellur described the entrepreneurial opportunities that can be created through impeccable coding skills. He went on to explain to the students how following the procedures and activities provided by ICode can help them gain confidence in their coding skills. The launch event ended with huge round of applause by the students who were excited to make the most of this opportunity.