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01 July 2024

Networking and Reliving Moments in Alumni Meet 2024

The spectacular Alumni Meet at JAIN Global Campus, Kanakapura was designed to bring alumni together, share memories, and renew familiar bonds while fostering the growth of new ones. The Faculty of Engineering and Technology embarked on a fresh chapter on June 1, 2024, as they welcomed their former students back to campus for a networking session intended for strengthening their shared future.

Scheduled to take place between 3 and 7 PM, the commemoration began with a reception, enabling teachers and students to connect and share recollections. A series of activities and events followed afterwards. Honorable Chancellor Dr. Chenraj Roychand's address to the attendees boost spirits leading to the unveiling of the Alumni Newsletter.

Dr. Raj Singh, the Honorable Vice-Chancellor, spearheaded the program post Honourable Chancellor Dr. Chenraj Roychand's address. The Honorable Vice-Chancellor shared his insights and recollections of the students on campus. The JAIN Alumni Report was presented by Mr. Amish Jain, President of the JU Alumni Association, at the culmination of the program. Renowned alumni who have achieved great success in their disciplines were highlighted in the report. This session was beneficial not just to peers but also the future generation as they were acquainted with emerging opportunities post-graduation.

The Alumni Meet recognized and celebrated the lasting associations, accomplishments, and experiences that students and the university share. It was beyond simply a simple Alumni Meet. The Faculty of Engineering and Technology is delighted about having its former students return to campus to once more celebrate community, achievement, and growth.