29 May 2023

Project Expo: Learning the practical applications of IOT projects

The Computer Science and Engineering-Internet of Things organised Project Expo on 19th May 2023 to provide a platform for participants to showcase their projects. The aim of the event was to start a discussion between the students and industry professionals about the potential role of IoT in shaping the future of various industries. The event brought together tech enthusiasts, curious minds, and seekers of inspiration to demonstrate the practical applications of IoT technology and its potential impact on the sustainable development of the country.

The event featured a diverse range of real-world projects that emphasised the benefits of IoT in areas of home automation, industrial monitoring, agriculture, healthcare, environmental monitoring, and transportation. Each project exhibited meticulous planning, innovative design, and flawless execution. The event brought out the participants’ creativity, ingenuity, and technical expertise through the projects. The hard work of the participants showed how IoT technology can be utilised to address various challenges and enhance everyday life.

Mr. Ravindra Bhandari, Vice President, JGI and Dr Hariprasad S A, Director, Faculty of Engineering Technology, appreciated the efforts of the students and congratulated them on the practical application of their knowledge and skills. Dr Geetha, Director of the School of Computer Science and Engineering, praised the students who participated in the project Expo. She took the opportunity to guide the students on the process of applying for patents to protect their ideas. She further motivated the participants to write and publish research papers in reputed conferences and journals.

Project Expo wrapped up on a positive and successful note; leaving the attendees impressed and inspired by the remarkable projects of the students. They were able to exchange ideas with the students and gain valuable insight into the field of IoT. The event not only showcased the students' abilities but also highlighted the endless possibilities and potential of IoT technology.