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12 September 2020

Webinar Report: Challenges and Opportunities for Engineers in Electric Vehicle Design & Development

PresenterMr.Gnana Kumara Swamy, Co-founder/President Armis Corporation (India), has over 20+ years in the automotive Electronics and Industrial electronics domain. His firm, Armis R&D Pvt and Connected Technology Solutions have teamed up to design various IoT and security solutions including Research in Electric Vehicles, Power Electronics, Image Processing, Robotics, Advanced Control, ADAS from Japan Universities (Shizuoka, Nagoya, Nagasaki, AIT, Chuba, Gunma, Kyoto, Utsunomiya and IISc (INDIA), IIT Delhi. 

Mr. Gnana was worked with Bosch for ten years as a Senior Product Manager for IoT Asset Management in Predictive Maintenance of Assets and Security and Senior Manager for Real-time Application Engineering Group (RTA).

Hosted by: Department of Robotics and Automation, Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET)

Synopsis: Concerns for the eco-system and availability of fossil fuel have triggered a consequential transformation in global automotive strategies. Vehicle hybridization and electrification have been seen as a promising road transportation alternative to the surmounting global energy crisis and the poignant requirements related to environmental protection. 

Webinar outcomes:

  • Understand the electric propulsion unit and its control for application in electrical vehicles
  • Able to analyze different power converter topology used for electric vehicle applications

Webinar held on: 07 August 2020 

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