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Faculty Awards

Faculty Awards
Student Awards
Sno Student Name Award Details Date
1 Jagadish Babu C, PhD Scholar Best Paper Award - 2nd Position, at National Aerospace Propulsion Conference 2018, For the paper titled: "In-depth Analysis of the Starting Process of Gas Turbine Engines" 19-12-2018
2 Abdulla Jarjis, Ashley Rohan Dsouza, Abhishek Narayanan, Fahad Mohd. Sarwat and G R Thiruvengadam The students of Team Jatayu (5th Semester B-Tech ASE students) won the First Place Award at Vellore Institute of Technology’s (VIT) Aerodominator 5.0 Competition. The competition was conducted by VIT on the 13th of October 2018. The challenge was to design a fixed wing UAV which could carry the highest payload weight with the lowest empty weight. Team Jatayu's UAV carried a payload of 1050 grams and secured a payload fraction of 0.72, thus securing the First Place. They were also awarded for the Highest Payload Lifted and for the Best Design Report. 13-10-2018