Faculty Awards

Faculty Awards
SNO Faculty Name Award Details Date
1 Dr. Narayana Swamy Ramaiah Paper makes SSRN's Top Ten lists Feb 2021
2 Dr. Narayana Swamy Ramaiah TPC Member-ICCIS 2020 Dec 2020
3 Dr. Narayana Swamy Ramaiah Appreciation certificate for TI-MooC-Embedded Design Systems on NPTEL platform. Dec 2020
4 Dr. Narayana Swamy Ramaiah Board of Trustees-ISOC-WG Nov 2020
5 Dr. Narayana Swamy Ramaiah Member National Advisory Committee-SUSCOM 2021 Nov 2020
6 Dr. Narayana Swamy Ramaiah Co-Chair -ICI 2021 Nov 2020
7 Dr. Narayana Swamy Ramaiah PC Member for International Conference (ICCIS 2020) Oct 2020
8 Dr. Narayana Swamy Ramaiah Program Committee Chair and Reviewer Sep 2020
9 Dr. Narayana Swamy Ramaiah Award of Excellence in Research Aug 2020
10 Dr. Narayana Swamy Ramaiah Received Certificate of Excellence from Noorul Islam Centre Higher Education for his excellent performance in World Intellectual Property Day Quiz April 2020
11 Dr. Narayana Swamy Ramaiah Members of International Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA)  
12 Dr. Narayana Swamy Ramaiah Nominated as the Admin for Coursera Courses        May 2020
13 Dr. Narayana Swamy Ramaiah Recognized in the top 10% of Authors on SSRN world list  
14 Dr. P. Vigneshwaran Received appreciation for delivering a Guest Lecture on “Computer Networks – Medium Access & IEEE Standards” organized by Sri Sai Ram Institute of Technology May 2020
15 Dr. G. Komarasamy acquired membership in Asian Council of Science Editors with Membership Number 91.32384 April 2020
16 Dr. R. Kesavamoorthy Received Certificate of Excellence from Noorul Islam Centre for Higher Education for his excellent performance in World Intellectual Property Day Quiz. April 2020
17 Prof. V. Vivek Upgraded as an IEEE Senior Member. February 2020
18 Prof. V. Vivek Upgraded with a Nano Diploma in Cyber Security from EDAPT. May 2020
19 Prof. V. Vivek Recognized as a MIE Trainer by Microsoft Educator Centre. May 2020
20 Prof. V. Vivek Received appreciation for delivering Guest Lectures on “Accelerate your Networking skills using CISCO Packet Tracer” in the webinar organized by Cauvery College.  June 2020
21 Prof. V. Vivek Received appreciation for delivering Guest Lectures on “The Power of Routing Protocols” in the FDP organized by Gobi Arts & Science College. July 2020
22 Prof. Shilpa K.S Recognized as the topper of the online Quiz conducted as a part of online FDP on Bharat Operating System Solutions (BOSS) organized by VIT, Chennai. May 2020
23 Dr. Narayana Swamy Ramaiah InSc Best Project Award (Mentor) 2019” for the project work titled “Acetone Level Monitoring Using Non-Invasive Method For Diabetic Patients”. 2019
24 Dr. Narayana Swamy Ramaiah SPOC for Swayam - NPTEL Local Chapter for Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Jain Deemed-to-be University 2019
25 Dr. Narayana Swamy Ramaiah "The impact of software engineering methods for cloud computing models – a survey", was recently listed on SSRN'S Top Ten download list July 2019
26 Dr. Narayana Swamy Ramaiah Editorial Board Members in “American Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering(AJECE) and assigned with the responsibility for the reviews and quality of the research papers 2019
27 Dr. Narayana Swamy Ramaiah Vedant Academics Bangkok Awards - 2019 during the IACMRA - International Award Conference - Multi-Disciplinary Research and Application 2019
28 Dr. G. Komarasamy InSc Reseach Excellency Award 2019” during August 2019 for research work“Enhancing Two Standard Privacy Preserving to Improve Security Policy in Cloud Environment” in the journal of ‘International Journal of System Modeling & Simulation August 2019
29 Dr. G. Komarasamy Grant of 40,000 INR from DST for the NIMAT Project 2019 - 2020 for Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp. 2019
30 Dr. G. Komarasamy Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Life Time Achievement National Award”, a prestigious IRDP Award 2019 for the outstanding excellence and remarkable achievements in the field of Teaching, Research and Publications 2019
31 Dr. R. Kesavamoorthy Confederation of Elite Academicians of IICDC - 2019” for outstanding contributions and stellar commitment to inspiring engineering students to innovate and create ground breaking solutions, organized by Texas Instruments, DST, IIM-Bangalore, powered by AICTE mission 2019
32 Dr. G. Komarasamy ACS Publication Reviewer for his valued contribution in Reviewing Activity in 2018. 2018
33 Prof. Manjunath CR Best Researcher Award 2018 from the International Journal for Research Under Literal Access for his paper titled “Dynamic Path Optimization of Traffic Signal System for Ambulance Dispatch in emergency medical response using Analytical Hierarchy Process 2018
34 Prof. Deepa T.P Young Achiever - 2018 by Institute for Exploring Advances in Engineering, for her research work titled “Estimation of Garbage Coverage area in water terrain 2018
35 Prof. Deepa T.P Texas Instruments and EdGate for being the organizer on behalf of FET, Jain Deemed-to-be University for the DrishTi Online Contest 2018 2018
36 Prof. Deepa T.P Excellence Teaching in Higher Education” for 2018 by DK International Research Foundation 2018