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Information Science Engineering & Computer Science Engineering Department
Name of the Organization Collaborated With Type of the Collaboration Purpose of the Collaboration Year

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand
International Collaboration To promote cultural, educational, and scholarly exchange, collaboration, and technical interchange as educational partners, we propose visiting each other's universities. Explore joint organization of technical trainings and administrative programs such as innovative education camps. Furthermore, initiating the establishment of global exchange programs and organizing conferences, seminars, and research support. 2023

The International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) - Hyderabad
National Collaboration This collaboration offers an academic program leading to a B.Tech (Minor) in Modern Machine Learning. This program is deemed equivalent to a typical 20 university credits and would introduce theoretical insights into Modern Machine Learning. B.Tech (Minor) is envisaged to run concurrently with a regular B.Tech program. Students from all disciplines are encouraged to undertake the program. 2023

International Collaboration Jain University in association with GeeksforGeeks with an objective to foster collaboration and innovation, propose on conducting a hackathon wherein students collaborate on building solutions on shared projects. Students will work together to create cutting-edge solutions as they compete against their peers moving from regional to national levels. 2023

YARSI University, Indonesia
International Collaboration Jain University is in a collaborative partnership with YARSI University leading to various joint research activities. One of the goals is to encourage research papers co-authored by researchers from both institutions. In order to strengthen the collaboration, the institutions will facilitate faculty exchange to promote knowledge sharing and idea generation. Another avenue to explore is the possibility of submitting joint research proposals. Furthermore, the institutions will work together on research projects, pooling their expertise to produce high-quality research outcomes. 2022

AAI Research Lab, University of Houston
International Collaboration Jain University in collaboration with The Applied Artificial Intelligence (AAI) Lab at the University of Houston has launched a series of joint IEEE Conferences. These conferences bring together students, researchers and industry professionals to discuss the latest advancements and applications in artificial intelligence. By hosting these joint conferences we aim to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among experts and students in the field. 2022
National Collaboration As part of the MoU signed between the TCS and the university, TCS will support JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) by providing training and development to the faculty, organising guest lectures by expert practitioners from the industry, and engaging in continuous assessment of students. Additionally, TCS will offer an internship to select students studying under this program and involve them in meaningful projects to provide first-hand exposure to real-time business problems. 2022

Futurense Technologies
National Collaboration To offer students the chance to both earn and learn while pursuing their B.Tech degree through an immersive learning experience, we provide multiple guaranteed internships* over the course of four years, totaling 10+ months of valuable work experience. Additionally, we offer guaranteed placements* upon graduation. 2020

International Collaoration
International Collaoration Students to get benefit of accessing Open Source Knowledge, Training Curriculum, Tools, Support and a Low-cost Education Buying Program for the Educational Community. 2020

International Collaoration
International Collaoration Students to get benefit in the:
  • Field of Research & Education
  • Field of Coorperation
  • Exchange of scientists and students
  • Research projects
  • Funding and Finance
  • Link Management and Administration
  • General Provisions

Infosys Campus Connect
International Collaorated Lab Students to get benefits in the:
  • Efficient Embedded System Design and Programming
  • Rapid Embedded System Design and Programming
  • Real Time Operating System
  • Internet of Things

Infosys Campus Connect
National Collaboration To jointly work for enhancing the quality of education imparted to students through nationwide and thus increase the employability for the engineers. 2020 (CSE)
2010 (ISE)

DST – NIMAT Project
National Collaboration To organize the entrepreneurship awareness program for students to enable the knowledge in entrepreneurship development 2019

ICT Academy - Jaipur Chapter
National Collaboration To promote students on national level presentation in the chapter platform 2019

EICT Academy
National Collaboration To organize faculty development programs for faculty of engineering / technology / other streams in the latest technology development of learning 2019

IEEE Student Branch
International Collaboration To provide opportunities to meet and learn from fellow IEEE student and graduate student members and engage with professional IEEE members locally 2018

Computer Society of India
National Collaboration To provide a platform for the computer professionals to meet and to exchange views and information, to learn and share ideas 2018

International Collaboration To specialize students in the field of computer science engineering on a professional ground. 2018

CISCO Networking Academy
International Collaboration To enable the students to be aware of the networking concepts in depth and raise their skills from base level networking to more complex networking 2017

ICT Academy
National Collaboration To have an Industry focused ICT Skills Development program for students and to collaborate Research and Projects assistance to JAIN (Deemed-to-be University). 2017

Micro Focus
International Collaboration To impart certification program on Big Data, Devops, Cloud Technology, IOT, Software Testing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and other new age technologies 2016

National Collaboration To offer full-time undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various areas so that the students taking up this new age, career-ready courses, in the fast-growing industry sectors 2013