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S. No Authors Name Title of the Paper Journal Name and Publisher Name Vol No / Issue No / Page No / ISBN No Impact Factor as per JSR/SNIP/SJR Indexed by Spocus / SCI Year of Publication
1 Dr.V.Pushparajesh, Nandish H B & Marulsidappa B M  Torque Ripple Minimization in Switched Reluctance Motor using ANFIS Controller, WSEAS Transcation on system and control ISSN-1991-8763,ID- 5103-1018,vol 16,n0.14,pp.171-182. 0.25 Scopus 2021
2 Dr.V.Pushparajesh & Nandish H B Review of Internet of things: distributed power in smart grid Material Science and Engineering 1055 (2021) 012139doi:10.1088/1757-899X/1055/1/012139 5.88 Scopus 2021
3 Dr.V.Pushparajesh & Marulsidappa B M Review on different control techniques for Induction Motor drives in Electric Vehicle Material Science and Engineering  1055 (2021) 012142doi:10.1088/1757-899X/1055/1/012142 5.88 Scopus 2021
4 Dr. Raghu N and Trupti V N Performance Analysis of Id-Iq Active Filter in Grid Interfaced Wind/PV Hybrid Energy System Journal of Electrical Engineering 1582 – 4594 NA Scopus 2021
5 M. Surendar and P. Pradeepa Future Challenges in State of Charge Estimation for Lithium-Ion Batteries International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT) Volume-10 Issue-1, Page no. 215 to 223, 2249-8958 NA Scopus 2020
6 Dr. Raghu N Design and Development of Smart Soil Analyser Collaborative Research in AppliedScience and Engineering (CRASE) Volume-1 Issue-1, Page no. 24 to 28 NA NA 2020
7 P. Pradeepa “Smart Embedded Controller for Hybrid Charger” International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Technology (IJEET) Vol. 11, Issue. 5, pp. 153-157, ISSN- 0976-6553 NA Scopus 2020
8 P. Pradeepa “Back propagation ANN for breast cancer classification using APFCM detection with SDM features”. Journal of critical reviews VOL 7, ISSUE 18, 2020, ISSN- 2394-5125 NA Scopus May 2020
9 Dr.Pushparajesh.V Review of Internet of Things International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology vol 29, no.06, pp.2301 NA Scopus 2020
10 Dr.Pushparajesh.V A Review paper on various control techniques for Induction Motor International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology vol 29, no.06, pp.2301 NA Scopus 2020
11 Dr. Pradeepa Fusion of MRI and SPECT using Guided Image Filter with Image Statistics Advanced Science Letters E-ISSN:1936-7317 NA Scopus May 2020
12 Dr. V. Pushparajesh and Dr. Balamurugan M Artificial Neural Network based Direct Torque Control of Four Phase Switched Reluctance Motor Software Engineering (E-Journal) Vol 2 - Scopus 2019
13 Dr. Pradeepa P IoT Based Smart Passenger Surveillance System for Airport International Journal of Engineering & Technology ISSN: 2227-524X 0.11 2018
14 Raghu N Arrhythmia Recognition and Classification Using Kernel ICA and Higher Order Spectra International Journal of Engineering & Technology - - Scopus 2018
15 Kuldeep S Load Forecasting Analysis By Time Series Method International Journal of Engineering & Technology ISSN 2227-524X Scopus 2018
16 Raghu N Arrhythmia Detection Based on Hybrid Features of T-wave in Electrocardiogram International Journal of Intelligent Engineering and Systems ISSN: 2185-3118 Scopus 2018
17 Raghu N Analysis and Classification of Electrocardiogram Signal for Accurate Diagnosis – A Review International Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (IJAREEIE) ISSN(Print):2320–3765, ISSN(Online:2278–8875 2017 oct
18 Kuldeep S Three Phase AC Double Layer Wave Winding Diagram, a Simplified Method International Journal of Engineering Research and Application (IJERA) ISSN : 2248-9622 5.179 UGC 2017 sep
19 Dr. Muralidhara V Behaviour of Polymeric Housed Metal Oxide Surge Arrester Under Pollution IJARIIE-ISSN (O) ISSN (O)-2395-4396 N 2017
20 Raghu N Tracking and Analysis of Three IRNSS Satellites by Using Satellite Tool Kit IJARIIE-ISSN (O) ISSN (O)-2395-4396 N 2017
21 Kuldeep S An Introduction to Artificial Neural Network IJARIIE-ISSN (O) ISSN (O)-2395-4396 N 2017
22 Kuldeep S Short Term Load Forecasting Methods, a Comparative Study IJARIIE-ISSN (O) ISSN (O)-2395-4396 N 2017
23 Nagendra K, Raghu N, Dr. Krishnamurthy N Modelling and Simulation Study of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Based Wind Turbine System in Micro-grid Application IJARIIE-ISSN (O) ISSN (O)-2395-4396 N 2017
24 Raghu N, Trupthi V N, Dr. Krishnamurthy N Effects of Electromagnetic Field on Patients with Implanted Pacemakers IJARIIE-ISSN (O) ISSN (O)-2395-4396 N 2017
25 Dr. Madhu Palati Studies on lightning characteristics IJARIIE-ISSN (O) ISSN (O)-2395-4396 N 2017
26 Dr. V Muralidhara Application of AMI for Unscheduled Interchange Pricing and Fault Location IJARIIE-ISSN (O) ISSN (O)-2395-4396 N 2017
27 Raghu N A Comparative Study and Performance Analysis Using IRNSS and Hybrid Satellite Springer-Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing N May 2016
28 Raghu N A Study & Mapping of Radiation Levels from Mobile Towers an and Around Bangalore Springer-Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing N May 2016
29 Dr. Krishnamurthy N, Nagendra K, Trupti V N, Raghu N Analysis of AC Shunted Grid Interfaced Hybrid Photovoltaic/Wind Energy System Using Dynamic Simulation Model Journal of Electrical Engineering (JEE) N 2016
30 Dr. Madhu Palati Studies on Aircell in a Conservator Tank Journal of CPRI Vol 11, No.4, pg no 675-680 N Dec 2015