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School of Mechanical Engineering

The School of Mechanical Engineering being a pioneer branch of engineering has been infused with rich academics, research and industrial exposures at JU-SET. Its opulent facilities highly qualified academicians blended with profound student community have made the department as zestful to be meritorious in the fields of academics, research and management skills. JU-SET has been making perpetual attempts to enhance the facilities at school of mechanical engineering standards by establishing diverse labs in par with world class universities. The faculty members are creatively engaged in research, design and development activities leading to publications and patents involving student community.

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About the Program in B. Tech top university

Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical Engineering is a diverse subject that derives its breadth from the need to design and manufacture everything from micro scale individual parts to large systems. Concerned with the principles of force, energy and motion, mechanical engineers use their knowledge of design, manufacture, and operational processes to advance the world around.

Automobile Engineering - Automobile Engineering deals with designing, manufacturing and operating automobiles. It is a section of vehicle engineering which deals with motorcycles, buses, trucks, etc. It includes mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety elements.

Metallurgical & Materials Engineering - Metallurgical and Materials Engineering is a unique B.Tech program designed to keep pace with industries, R&D organizations and academic domain. The program gives the student an in-depth knowledge on materials, processing and applications. Metallurgy and Materials engineers are required in various fields like Nuclear Power Plants, Railways, Oil & Gas plants and other R&D organizations.

About the Program in M. Tech top university

Energy and Environment Management - Energy and Environment Management is a branch designed to prepare individuals to apply engineering principles and technical skills to be professionals engaged in the development of sustainable energy-efficient practices with proficiency on climate change, conserve energy resources, and maintain energy independence by making our industries and offices more efficient and less wasteful.

Post Graduate Programs (M.Tech)

Energy and Environmental Management

Doctor of philosophy (PhD)

Mechanical Engineering


To deliver high quality technical and ethical education to the students to graduate as competent engineers and disciplined individuals.


To impart knowledge in all basic and applied areas of Mechanical Engineering

To nurture environment conducive for research and development

To create innovation driven centres of excellence and to encourage student entrepreneurship

To uphold moral and ethical values

We spawn an ambience to bring out creative talents and provide guidance on good behavioural aspects and project handling that help them learn technical, organizational and managerial skills

Value Added Programs

The Bachelor’s program in Mechanical Engineering is structured in such a way that a student can pursue different specialized streams in the domains of design, manufacturing, thermal, production and materials engineering. The doctoral program focuses on areas related to Thermal, Materials, Fluid and MEMS in engineering. The Department has adequate computing and experimental facilities to train students at different levels of research.

Enhancing our students’ skills through classroom lectures and practical training offered in combination with industry majors such as IMTMA, Festo, Microgenesis and others. Typically, these modules include training from the industrial perspective on CAD, CAE, CAM, industrial automation, Six Sigma, and others

Training the third semester students on Production Engineering in collaboration with IMTMA, Bangalore

Arranging life skills training programs for fourth semester students

Offering training programs on CATIA and Hyper Mesh software along with additional training sessions on Industrial Automation/Mechatronics for fifth and sixth semester students

Providing pre-placement training session for seventh semester students

Lab Facility in Top Mechanical Engineering Colleges

  • SET Jain university Cad Cam Lab Facility in Bangalore

    CAD/CAM Lab

  • SET Jain University Energy Conversion Lab Facility in Bangalore

    Energy Conversion Lab

  • SET Jain University Fluid Machinery Lab Facility in Bangalore

    Fluid - Machinery Lab

  • SET Jain University Machine Shop Lab Facility in Bangalore

    Machine Shop

  • SET Jain University Material Testing Lab Facility in Bangalore

    Material Testing Lab

  • SET Jain University Metrology Lab Facility in Bangalore

    Metrology Lab

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