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Name of the Organization Collaborated With Type of the Collaboration Purpose of the Collaboration Year

ISRO - Space Applications Centre, Ahmadabad
National Collaboration To promote research in satellite space technology. 2018

S-Vyasa University
National Collaboration To promote research collaboration. 2017

M/s Ed Gate Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
National Collaboration To conduct skill development programs, Seminars, Faculty development program and offer internships to students to get an exposure to the industry 2017
Skill Development Program

The objective of the Skill Development program is to:

  • Provide industry ready skills to meet the global demand for design engineers.
  • Develop proficiency in programmable logic design and analysis.
  • Increase understanding of real-time operating systems.
  • Explore the latest embedded technologies.
  • Utilize EDA tools to optimize embedded system designs.
Modules conducted for the Students of the Electronics and Communications Engineering
Sl.No Module Proficiency Level HRS Credits
1 M1 Fundamentals of Computer Architecture L1 30 2
2 M2 Embedded Controllers 30 2
3 M3 Embedded Programming using C L2 30 2
4 M4 RTOS /VHDL AND Verilog –FPGA 30 2
5 M5 Sensors and Actuators-IoT  L3 30 2
6 M6 System on Chip 30 2