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SDP Details
The objective of the Skill Development program is to:
  • Provide industry ready skills to meet the global demand for design engineers.
  • Develop proficiency in programmable logic design and analysis.
  • Increase understanding of real-time operating systems.
  • Explore the latest embedded technologies.
  • Utilize EDA tools to optimize embedded system designs.

Modules conducted for the Students of the Electronics and Communications Engineering

Sl.No Module Proficiency Level HRS Credits
1 M1 Fundamentals of Computer Architecture L1 30 2
2 M2 Embedded Controllers 30 2
3 M3 Embedded Programming using C L2 30 2
4 M4 RTOS /VHDL AND Verilog –FPGA 30 2
5 M5 Sensors and Actuators-IoT  L3 30 2
6 M6 System on Chip 30 2